The Ionian Princess Is No Easy Charter

The new season of Below Deck is actually a spinoff, and like when the Housewives franchise moves to a new city, there's going to be a new cast and a whole new setting to get used to in Below Deck: Mediterranean. And, perhaps the biggest change of all is that change in scenery, because as the season preview shows, the Mediterranean Sea is a totally different yachting location than the Caribbean, where Below Deck Seasons 1-3 took place. But, there are some similarities — for example, you can rent the Below Deck: Mediterranean yacht, the same way you could live out your seafaring fantasies on the Ohana or the Eros. Meet the Ionian Princess, the new yacht for the new Mediterranean show.

Of course, like any yacht, it will cost you a sizable amount to charter — according to yacht experts Yacht Charter Fleet, the Ionian Princess prices start at $162,501 for a week in the summer. It's a relative bargain if you go in the winter — only $140,087 a week. But, think about what you're getting for that price: Not just a group of people willing to service your every whim, but also the perfect Mediterranean view. But, don't underestimate just how different this season will be because the yachts are similar looking and similarly priced. Because the Mediterranean? Is a totally new ballgame.

The Views Are Even Better

The crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea were gorgeous, but the change of scenery is welcome.

The Day Trips Will Be Fantastic

Check out those rocky cliffs — sure makes a change from the typical sandy beaches.

The Dinners Will Be Even More Formal

Look at that dining table! I'm sure at least one charter guest will ask for a hamburger, but it will be a tragedy to see such beautiful place settings with a mediocre meal, so Chef Ben had better step up.

And, Ben's Been Proving He's Earned His Keep

So it looks like Ben, as the only returning cast member, knows exactly what Below Deck fans want: Teases and hints about the new season! And he's obliged, showing off this gorgeous pile of lobsters.

There Will Be New Places For The Crew To Hang Out

Instead of small beach towns, there will be off nights traveling to the narrow, Grecian streets, and I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans this new cast gets up to.

It Has A Far More International Flair

Just watch the Below Deck: Mediterranean trailer. It's full of accents from all over the world. One of the most interesting parts of the show is how everyone wound up in yachting, and with a cast that's from so many different parts of the globe, the stories are bound to be interesting. These are just a few of the reasons why the upcoming season of Below Deck: Mediterranean will break totally new ground for the series.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo