The 'Huntsman' Trailer Highlights The Ladies

by Courtney Lindley

The Hunstman: Winter's War isn't taking its depiction of strong female characters lightly. The newest trailer for Winter's War — which is a prequel to Snow White And The Hunstman — boasts, "You'll discover the story that came before" which I take to mean as "the story of three bad ass lady bosses." Once you peep the trailer, I have no doubts that you'll agree. Though Kristen Stewart (who played Snow White in the first film) isn't lending her acting chops to this particular flick, there are more than enough powerful, ass-kicking women to go around.

If there's one thing watching this new Hunstman trailer merits — besides damn what I would have given to be on the set of this film — it's the following question: "Chris Hemsworth who?" It's a question neither you nor I ever anticipated asking ourselves. (Read: because he's so pretty.) The Hunstman: Winter's War centers around the origins of the titular "Huntsman" (Hemsworth), but, to be frank, the trailer reveals so much more about the women of the film. That my friends is the reason I'm on board and think you should be on board too. So here's everything we know regarding the female characters in The Hunstman: Winter's War because again, Chris Hemsworth who? (Exactly.)

Queen Ravenna Betrays Her Sister

Apparently Ravenna's sister (Freya, played by Emily Blunt) becomes pregnant with a child that the mirror claims will surpass Ravenna in beauty. Naturally, the evil queen decides to get rid of the child.

Because She Still Wants To Be The Fairest

Some things never change.

And Rule The World

Yes, she still wants to rule the world too. And she just might, considering she's "stronger than all of [us]." (Her words, not mine, though, to be fair, I wouldn't advise challenging them.)

Freya's Powers Seem Familiar

She turns things to ice? Now, where have we seen that in a royal family before...

The Film Is Really About The Sisters

Though it might claim to be the origin story of the Huntsman, it seems like the film revolves more around the ongoing battle between Ravenna and Freya.

Jessica Chastain Plays A Warrior

Look at that aim.

Who Outshines Hemsworth

Sorry, bro. It's true.

Watch the full trailer below and catch Theron, Blunt, and Chastain in all of their glory April 22.

Images: Universal Pictures; Universal Pictures/YouTube (7)