7 Questions 'The Huntsman' Teaser Raises

by Haley Chouinard

I'll admit, when it was first announced that there would be a sequel to 2011's Snow White and The Huntsman , it didn't sound like the best idea. The first film was cool, don't get me wrong, It just seemed unnecessary. After all, Snow White's story is not an overly complex one. I wrote off the spinoff film even more after it was made public that Kristen Stewart, who played the fairest princess of them all in the film, was not going to be in it. A Snow White sequel without Snow White? What's the point of this princess-less movie?

Dark film adaptations have worked well for comic books (think The Dark Knight, Daredevil and the upcoming Suicide Squad), but have been a mixed bag for fairy tales. Maleficent was awesome, but let's be honest, kind of forgettable in my opinion. Considering all of that, I had pretty much already made up my mind about The Huntsman: Winter's War, until Tuesday that is, when the teaser trailer dropped.

The 15-second teaser shows so much and so little all at the same time. While a lot of amazing things are revealed (Jessica Chastain is in this! Did you know that? And Emily Blunt, too! #girlpower), it left me with some lingering questions. The full length trailer comes out on Wednesday, but until then, here are seven very important questions I had after watching the teaser.

1. When Does It Take Place?

Is this before or after the events of Snow White and the Huntsman happened? I saw the movie three years ago, so I'm not 100 percent on all that transpired, but I think there was an uprising and Snow White overthrew Charlize Theron's evil queen Ravenna, right? So, does this film take place in some other kingdom that was silly enough to let the ousted queen rule their land? I need to know.

2. Why Is Emily Blunt Riding A Polar Bear?

I guess she's supposed to be Ravenna's sister and some sort of ice queen (like evil Elsa), but where did she find this creature? Was it hard to learn to ride it, or does that come naturally to you when you're an ice queen? Is the polar bear-thing integral to the plot of the film? (I really hope so.)

3. Where's Sam Claflin At?

He played Snow White's one true love in the last movie and is confirmed to be in the follow-up. He is notably absent from the teaser trailer, though. But, it is only 15 seconds, so, I guess they had to give the prime screen time to the big names. Maybe he'll make an appearance in the full-length preview.

4. How Is Sam Claflin In This Sequel Sans Kristen Stewart?

Claflin plays Snow White's boo thing, so, how does it make sense that he's in it and Kristen Stewart is not? Did Snow White and William call it quits? Are William and the Huntsman bros and that's why he's in it? It seems nonsensical to cut Snow White out of the sequel and then bring her boyfriend back, right? I need more information about how this happens.

5. Is Jessica Chastain The Huntsman's Sidekick?

It definitely looks like they're working together in some aspect. Maybe they're working to take down one of the evil queens? Her name is apparently Sara, and her character poster labels her as "The Warrior," so she's clearly a badass. How intense does she look in that armor though?

6. Is Sara The Huntsman's Wife?

The teaser might be brief, but it still fit in a scene where Sara and the Huntsman appear to be getting it on. The Huntsman talked a lot about how his beloved wife had passed away in the first film. If this film is indeed a prequel, could Jessica Chastain's character be the much alluded to wife?

7. What's The Evil Queen Up To?

Besides having some obvious family drama, what's the evil queen's role in the new movie? After all, what's an evil queen without a beloved princess to plot against? Did she hire the Huntsman and Sara to take down her sister? Why would she trust him after he helped fuel a rebellion against her? Where does she get such cool crowns? These are all unresolved quandaries.

The full length trailer drops Wednesday and hopefully it will give us a lot more info about what actually happens in this movie, because now I'm invested and I really want to know.

Images: Universal, Giphy