Whitney Port Says 'The Hills' Wasn't Scripted

Kristin Cavallari might be vocal about Laguna Beach and The Hills' less-than-reality reality show premise, but that does not mean that her co-stars can't share their own stances, too. Case in point, Whitney Port said that The Hills was not scripted, thank you very much. She told Us Weekly, "I wouldn’t put it as staged. Sometimes we had to make some situations more dramatic for the sake of making an entertaining TV show. But it’s not like we were ever given scripts." And this makes a lot of sense. I was never one to believe that reality shows were documentaries, anyway.

Us references an interview Cavallari did in 2013 in which she said that the powers that be "did everything short of handing us a script." Also, in a February 2016 interview with Us Weekly, Cavallari said that,

We never got an actual script, but they would text us what to say, so that to people around us, it would just look like we were looking at our phones, and then we'd talk about whatever.

Honestly, as a fan, I'm more likely to side with Port on this one. I watched The Hills almost religiously, and there are just some things you can not make up. Scripted television shows are great and all, but there's something about natural dialogue and spur of the moment musings that cannot be replicated in fiction. Here are some major moments from The Hills that are way too good to be fake. (I think...)

LC's Iconic Mascara Run

I refuse to accept the notion that this happened on cue.

LC's Epic Friendship Lamentation

Hey, I buy it.

Spencer Making Fun Of LC

Classic Spencer.

This Unforgettable One-Liner

It gave us such a good gif to use in a variety of situations.

This Truth Tea That Whitney Sipped


Ain't No Way I'm Not Believing This

Because, reasons.

Heidi's Famous Last Words

That's it, that's the whole series.

Yeah, these moments are genuine in my book. They have to be or my whole gif collection is a lie.

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