Here's Why Tom Hiddleston Needs To Join Snapchat

OK, I'll admit it — I was initially a little skeptical of Snapchat when I learned about it. I mean, I wasn't against the app or anything, but it just seemed like a social media platform that was better-suited to my teenage cousins. Well, the joke was on me because I'm now a full-fledged devotee and my obsession has only increased since the app added a whole bunch of fun features that allow us to seriously up our selfie game by adding everything from rainbow tongues to dog noses. And when a bunch of my favorite celebrities joined Snapchat, I began checking my feed way more often than I care to admit. With more and more celebs jumping on the bandwagon every day, his countless fans are undoubtedly wondering if Tom Hiddleston has a Snapchat?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at this time our favorite Marvel villain does not have a public Snapchat account. And, in fact, he doesn't have an Instagram either — so, no pressure, Tom, but please step up your social media game because your fans just want to see more of your face.

Since Hiddleston is active on Twitter, it means he's not averse to social media and there's hope (*fingers and toes crossed*) that he'll be a Snapchat member sooner rather than later. After all, his fans are clamoring for it:

When Hiddleston joins Snapchat, here are some things I'd like to see:

Behind The Scenes Pics

Don't get me wrong, I love this behind the scenes photo with Mia Wasikowska — but wouldn't it have been more fun to see it on Snapchat the day it was taken?

Scenic Images


Gender Equality Messages

Just when I thought I couldn't love him any more, Hiddleston stood up for women's rights with this powerful message. I want an entire Hiddleston Snapchat story devoted to this topic — and I would most definitely screenshot it.

Vacation Photos

Hiddleston + The Sydney Opera House = Perfection.


His selfie game is already so strong — can you imagine how amazing it would be if rainbow tongues and dog noses were thrown into the equation?

All Things Avengers

Selfies, behind the scenes photos, thank you messages — Snapchat it all, Tom Hiddleston, I'm begging you!

It's safe to say that Hiddleston's fans are waiting with baited breath for him to join Snapchat. So, Loki, what do you say?