Lois Lane Isn't Just Superman's Girlfriend

Wonder Woman might be making her superhero debut soon, but she isn't the only strong female role present in the newest superhero epic. Lois Lane is also back in Batman v Superman , with Amy Adams reprising her role from Man of Steel. Lois, a reporter for The Daily Planet, is mostly known as Clark Kent's better half and a champion for Superman in the press. She's strong, feisty, smart, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. Over the years, Lois has shared the screen with Superman countless times, and is one of the most prominent female characters in the superhero world. Needless to say, she is as critical to any Superman narrative as the man himself. But what exactly will she be doing in BvS?

In Man of Steel, Lois was one of Superman's only allies among a human population ready to hand him over to the villainous General Zod. She was also the only person outside of Clark's family who knew his real identity. Picking up after Man of Steel left off, BvS finds Clark settling into his new secret life as a reporter, and — get ready — living with Lois. That said, even super couples have problems, as Adams recently told Parade . "In Batman v Superman their issues are very much about communication — being able to talk to the other person and trusting that what they say is taken at face value," Adams said. Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, also hinted at trouble in the Clark-Lois paradise. "He lets her down, and she lets him down. It's like normal everyday life, but in a slightly larger arena than your average relationship," he said in his own interview with Parade .

But, don't worry — Lois Lane isn't just there to play Superman's love interest. Though little has been revealed about her storyline in Batman v Superman, rumor has it Lois will be involved in the fight against Lex Luthor. Empire suggested that Lois is investigating Luthor for The Daily Planet, and, in an interview with DC All Access, Adams said that the film "presented a lot of potential for investigation into corruption and the rebuilding of the city."

No doubt Lois' investigation will help Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in their battle to defeat Lex. It has already been confirmed that Adams filmed some scenes with Ben Affleck, aka Batman. As to whether or not fans will get to see Lois share the screen with Wonder Woman, odds are slim. As Adams told Empire , "[Lois] is too busy sleuthing." It seems that Lois has her mind set on taking down Luthor, a theory supported by the trailers for the film that show Lois confronting him.

It looks like, while Batman and Superman are busy waisting time fighting each other, Lois Lane will be the one to really identify the person threatening Metropolis/Gotham/the entire world. Superheroes can't always be counted to save the world, and that's where Lois will hopefully come in.

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