Team Flash Knows Jay Is Zoom On 'The Flash,' Thanks To Cisco's Increasing Vibe Abilities

I have a love/hate relationship with finding out vital information on shows before my favorite, endearingly clueless characters do. On one hand, it's exciting and makes me feel all omniscient and powerful. On the other hand, it gives me major anxiety and I end up grinding my teeth down to the nubs. What I'm trying to say here is, ever since I found out that Zoom is Jay Garrick on The Flash way back when before the hiatus, I've been waiting for Team Flash to figure out Zoom's identity with baited breath. And, by god, they finally did it. A little too slow for my liking considering they are a team made up of literal geniuses, but I digress.

As usual, the team owes everything to the under appreciated Cisco. (Side note— I could watch Cisco go clubbing for the rest of eternity). But, also as usual, Cisco isn't exactly straightforward about his cool, new vibing skills. I mean, Zoom's identity would have been a heck of a lot easier to figure out if Cisco would have told Barry, Caitlin, Wells, and just about everybody else that each time he inched closer to Jay's glass encased helmet, he got an increasingly intense vibe of the dastardly Earth-2 speedster. But, hey, if he did that, he wouldn't be Cisco. The Flash is an origin story for everyone, not just Barry. Cisco's gotta make strides, too.

Cisco's premonitions aside, I have to give credit where it's due. The key to Jay's true identity is partly owed to Trajectory and her power drunkenness. If it weren't for Caitlin's explanation of the potency and malignance of Velocity 9, Barry would have never understood Trajectory's frame of mind or her ultimate undoing. It was her lightening turning blue that caused the proverbial lightbulb to illuminate over Team Flash's heads. Blue lightening meant that Trajectory was dying, due to cellular degeneration. Which means that Zoom is also dying. And, yep, so was Jay, a fellow V9 patient.

Obviously, a hunch wasn't good enough for these scientists, so Cisco honed in on his vibing skills by actually clutching the traitorous Jay's helmet. You know, after an enraged Barry smashed the glass encasement. Cisco sees Zoom unmask to reveal Jay's chiseled face, and the rest is history. But, not before Barry storms out of Star Labs and races to a mountain to amplify his scream of frustration. This is definitely going to affect Barry's sense of direction and trust going forward, so expect a major showdown on The Flash soon.

Image: The CW