Coach's Return To 'New Girl' Just Got Better

You know what I like to see on my Instagram timeline first thing in the morning? A confirmation that Coach is returning to New Girl and taking an extended stay. Jake Johnson posted a video of himself and Max Greenfield, aka Nick Miller and Schmidt, respectively, freaking out over the fact that Damon Wayans Jr. is coming back to film on Thursday. Johnson explained, albeit unnecessarily considering the video pretty much speaks for itself, that he and Greenfield are "jacked" about Coach's reemergence into the loft. But, honestly, I get it. We are, too and it bears repeating. So, what is Coach doing back on New Girl anyway?

I think it's safe to assume that he's most likely coming back to attend the nuptials of Cece and Schmidt, which is sure to be the wedding of the year. But the interesting thing to note here is that Coach isn't just back for the wedding, according to Johnson. He's back for, " a couple of episodes." Yes, that means more than one. Maybe he's returning for the wedding and the rehearsal dinner? Or, perhaps it's something more than that...

Here are some things that Coach's return to New Girl could mean and why it is so damn exciting:

1. First Things First, Coach Brings An Unparalleled Energy To The Loft

His heart's in the right place.

2. Perhaps His Return Means That He'll Channel Some Of That Energy Into Screaming At Nick & Jess To Get Back Together

Someone has to knock their heads together. I'm getting tired of waiting. Real, real tired. And with this season being all about Schmidt and Cece's romance, I think it's about time Nick and Jess give it another go.

3. Or Maybe He'll Scream At Cece And Schmidt To Get Their Own Place

Which would leave a bedroom vacant in the loft. One that is just waiting to be occupied...

4. Maybe He Arrives Just In Time To Give Cece And/Or Schmidt A Pre-Wedding Pep Talk

Schmidt and Cece have both admitted to being nervous about getting married, and he is a coach, after all.

5. Or Maybe He Is The One That Needs The Pep Talk

Have he and May broken up? Is that why he's sticking around the loft a little longer than expected, for emotional support?

6. Most Importantly, Does His "Couple Of Episodes" Stint Mean He's Making A Season 6 Return As A Regular?

At this point in time, filming is most likely winding down for Season 5. Why bring him back towards the end if there wasn't some tie-in to the new season, right? Hey, a girl can hope. I'd settle for Coach being a recurring role, too.

Regardless of the reason, I cannot wait to have Coach back on my screen.

Image: FOX; Giphy (6)