19 Glitter Hair Accessories To Make You Feel Glam

Hair accessories are one of the best ways to highlight a new 'do or bring life to an old or tired ensemble. By buying a new hair accessory, you can make your style feel totally fresh again, especially glitter hair accessories, which are perfect when you just can't afford a blow-out but want to look a bit glamorous. Even if you can afford that blow-out at your hair dresser's every day, why not add a bit of sparkle and fun to your hair wardrobe? It's a sneaky tactic for bringing your love of glitter into your everyday style.

Personally, I find wearing the tiniest bit of glitter can boost my mood as well as my outfit. It's a quick bit of fun, which — when used in the right way and for the right club night — can come across as completely glamorous. Even if you just opt for a bit of glitter hairspray running through your mane, the way that glitter will catch the light and highlight the flip of your locks is never not stunning.

Perhaps I am bias due to my adoration of all things sparkle, but I've found that everyone secretly adores glitter (even if they wouldn't go all-out and wear a sparkly jumpsuit on a Tuesday). Start your glitter obsession with subtlety and invest in one of these fabulous glitter hair accessories.

1. Star Two-Pack Hair Bands

Stars Two Pack Hair Bands, $11.27,

These subtle starry additions to your ponytail will be the perfect way to sneak glitter into your glam look.

2. Oversized Gold Glitter Bow

Oversized Gold Glitter Bow, $13.09, Etsy

Oversized is an understatement. But when paired with a bun, even a giant, glittery bow can look delicate and beautiful.

3. Delicate Hair Swirls

Delicate Hair Swirls, $16, Accessorize

So '90s, but with an elegant twist.

4. Rhinestone Layered Chain Headband

Rhinestone Layered Chain Headband, $6.90, Forever 21

Gemstones count as glitter, right? These rhinestones should react in a similar way to the light, giving you glitter vibes without any of the actual glitter.

5. Beaded Heart Headband

Beaded Heart Headband, $14.50, Torrid

The heart detailing on this beaded hairband is absolutely gorgeous (think Titanic or the "Oops! I Did It Again" video). A large, heart-shaped gemstone is always a winner.

6. Pink Glitter Hairspray

Pink Glitter Hairspray, $5.50, Claire's

Claire's has what is frankly a breathtaking array of different glitter hairsprays, so you can find the perfect glitter to match your outfit or hair color.

7. Glitter Stars Hairband

Glitter Stars Hairband, $33.45, Etsy

Just like most things on Etsy, this headband can be customized to your favorite shade of glitter.

8. Crystal Hair Comb

Crystal Hair Comb, $16, Accessorize

Everything about this crystal comb screams glamour, IMO.

9. Shiny Headband

Shiny Headband, $2, American Apparel

A simple headband made that bit more fun with a bit of shimmer.

10. Glitter Hair Tie Set

Glitter Hair Tie Set, $1.90, Forever 21

This is a super subtle way to incorporate glitter into your hairstyle with hardly anyone noticing.

11. Hot Stamps Hair Glitter

Hot Stamps Hair Glitter, $6.65, Claire's

The next level of the hair glitter spray so many of us loved as kids is glitter hair stamps! No matter how chic and neutral toned your style may be, you have to admit these are amazing.

12. Glitter Sunflower Clip

Glitter Sunflower Clip, $3, Etsy

This hair clip just screams summer, doesn't it? Prepare for the festival season by buying 10 of them.

13. Bead Applique Sweater Headwrap

Bead Applique Sweater Headband, $14.89, Torrid

If you're still expecting a few more cold months, this beaded piece will add sparkle to your winter wardrobe.

14. Antique Gold Bulldog Hair Clip

Antique Gold Bulldog Hair Clip, $23, Accessorize

This gorgeous antique style bulldog clip will take keeping your hair off your face to a whole new world of glam.

15. Floral Embroidered Headwrap

Floral Embroidered Headwrap, $3.90, Forever 21

What a gorgeous combination of florals for spring and glitter for glam.

16. Orange Glitter Lily Hair Clip

Orange Glitter Lily Hair Clip, $3.85, Claire's

Have another summery hint of glitter to add to your new seasonal wardrobe.

17. Velvet Bow Hair Clip

Velvet Bow Hair Clip, $10, American Apparel

My favorite material after anything sparkly is velvet, making this bow a double win in my book.

18. Star Charm Headband

Star Charm Headband, $3.90, Forever 21

What's more sparkly than the stars, right? This simple headband is a cute shout-out to the originators of glitter.

19. Silver Glitter Crown Hair Clip

Silver Glitter Crown Hair Clip, $2.10, Claire's

For another fun festival look, try space buns decorated with a little crown clip in front of each side. Show the world that you're a princess without having to don a full tiara.

Hopefully you've found some glam — or just plain fun — inspiration for how to wear glitter hair accessories. It might seem like a difficult thing to pull off, but I personally think all of these pieces would look great on any human.

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Images: Courtesy Brands