13 Ways To Wear Sparkle In Your Mane

A human can never have enough glitter or sparkle in their life, so why not hop on the shimmery bandwagon and give your hair a sparkly makeover? This year has seen many eccentric trends involving body hair and glitter surface, including the glitter roots trend, the glittery armpit hair fad, and the insanely festive glitter beard for all the glam gents out there. But glitter in the mane is definitely my personal favorite.

There have been so many hair trends throughout the year that it's getting difficult to keep track of them all. In 2015 alone, we saw the granny hair trend, the gorgeous gemstone-inspired opal hair trend, the breathtakingly beautiful sunset hair trend, and folks all over social media even dyed their hair rainbow shades. All of these looks might be partially attributed to celebrities changing their hairstyles as often as their clothes, like Kylie Jenner, who sported multiple hair colors in recent years including blue, pink, and green to name a few. Katy Perry is also a fan of flaunting rainbow hair colors and her multi-colored mane looked festively fabulous in her role in H&M's holiday ad campaign.

But if the style to most strike your fancy has to do with having sparkle in your tresses, then you'll likely want to find ways to keep glitter in your hair that aren't just about your roots. Here are several ways to do just that.

1. The Subtle Stars

Make a modest nod towards the holiday season with some star shaped hair charms. They'd be perfect for a party or special occasion.

2. The Shimmering Sparkle

I'm loving how this lady has made a reference to the Disney Fairies movies with her caption, "All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust." This shimmering look could be worn either day or night due to its subtle gleam.

3. The Gold Leaf Locks

Update your wintry look with a majorly regal hairstyle featuring a gold leaf. It will look stunning with a LBD and golden accessories.

4. A Touch Of Tinsel

Until recently, I was clueless about the wonder that is hair tinsel. I love that you can add as little or as much tinsel as you'd like to create a look that is unique to you. I best make up for lost time and start channeling a Christmas tree too.

5. The Sparkling Rainbow Hair

If you ever wanted to become Rainbow Brite as a kid, now's your chance with this awesome hairdo that features multicolored, glittering streaks.

6. The Gleaming Hair Jewelry

Perhaps you're not a fan of coloring or glittering your hair; and if that's the case, you can opt for a gorgeous piece of hair jewelry instead. Prepare to get your festive bling on.

7. The Golden Braids

Make your braids look even more beautiful with an array of miniature metallic cuffs.

8. The Hair Tattoos

Flash tattoos were all the rage this summer, but did you know this temporary tattoo trend has segued across from our skin and to our hair? It's such an easy way to add a glamorous finish to your holiday look.

9. The Glitter Hairspray

Go glittery all over with a hairspray that is sure to leave you looking magical all year.

10. The Hair Charm Rings

Charms for your hair? Count me in! These celestial rings are seen here looped through a braid to give this simple hairstyle a sophisticated finish.

11. The Sparkling Side Section

Miley Cyrus has been leading the fashion pack with her glittery side section that appears to be an evolution of glitter roots. I'm totally loving how she's matched her sparkly hair to her outfit.

12. The Full Head Hairstyle

If you have short hair, you might want to give this daring but delightful look a try. It's slicked back, sparkling, and looks like a work of art. You could definitely attempt this with longer hair, but you may need to invite some friends over to lend you a hand.

13. The Perfect Ponytail

When I spotted this sparkling style, my eyes almost flew out of their sockets like the heart face emoji. There are so many things I love about this look: The glitter, the chic ponytail, and the fact that the hairstyle matches the outfit. This is a super dreamy, gleaming style.

My advice? Experiment with all of these looks so you can pack more sparkle into your life than a glitter bomb.

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Image: payton_rene20/Instagram