#MotherLovers is a Weirdly Sweet 'HIMYM' Promotion

It seemed like nothing could be weirder than Robin floating away into the sky on the Feb. 3 episode of How I Met Your Mother , but somehow, the show topped itself on Twitter. The fan account @MeetAtMacLarens started a trend for HIMYM fans to share the stories of how they met their own partners. It sounds cute and it would be, if that trend wasn't #MotherLovers.

Really, #MotherLovers? Apparently whoever runs the MeetAtMacLarens account isn't familiar with The Lonely Island, otherwise I doubt they would use a term that Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake used in a um, different way. Or they just didn't care.

They are encouraging HIMYM fans to tweet their own love stories with #MotherLovers, and some tweets will be shown during a repeat of the show on WGN next week, since it's Valentine's and all. It's really a sweet idea and some of the stories are adorable to read. But #MotherLovers kind of kills it. They really couldn't come up with anything better? Maybe something without completely different connotations of what was intended?

It could have been something generic, like #MyLoveStory or #HIMYMLoveStory. Even just tweeting @MeetAtMacLarens would have served the purpose. Anything but #MotherLovers.

If you can possibly look past the unfortunate term, which is admittedly quite difficult, here are some of the cute stories that #MotherLovers (ugh) inspired HIMYM fans to share.

However some fans couldn't help but mock the show a little with their response.

What a bunch of #MotherLovers, just like Ted. Ew.

Image: CBS