The One 'Pretty Little Liars' Clue That Suggests Hanna Might Not Really Be Dead

There were so many "oh my God" moments at the end of the Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars that it's hard to rank them. Jaws hit the ground when it was revealed that Charlotte's biological mom was Jessica DiLaurentis' identical twin, and they stayed there when Ali's new hubby Dr. Rollins revealed he was both super evil and totally British. (Come on, there was no way we were supposed to actually trust this guy, right?!) Of course, the biggest plot twist came at the very end of the episode, when we realized that the mysterious A.D. (aka Uber A) made good on their promise to get revenge on Hanna. When we last saw Hanna, she was being dragged through the bell tower, and, scarily, she looked totally and completely dead. But, did Hanna really die in the Season 6 finale? Luckily, there's one clue from this show that suggests our girl is going to be OK.

It was once assumed that no one is dead on Pretty Little Liars until you see the body — and, in the case of Toby, that you see the person's face as well. After all, original "dead girl" Ali was very much alive, and while there was a body in her grave, it wasn't hers. This theory changed with Mona's "death" in Season 5, when it became clear that all "dead bodies" weren't created equal. Mona looked as dead as a doornail when she was placed in Charlotte's trunk, but despite her pale, corpselike appearance, Mona was very much alive.

We didn't find out why Mona looked so dead in the above shot until the Season 6A finale, when we saw Jason and Kenneth in a very similar position. Charlotte had access to a chemical that seemed very similar to the potion that Juliet downs in Shakespeare's tragedy: though it wouldn't actually cause death, it would make people look like they were headed for the grave. The fact that this chemical exists in the Pretty Little Liars universe is enough reason to suspect that Hanna was also given a heavy dose.

Also worth noting: Charlotte may be dead, but that doesn't mean that her ways of torturing people are. Charlotte's mother Mary has seemingly picked up the torch for her daughter, and that might mean using the same methods as Charlotte did to take down her enemies. While Mary likely isn't A.D., she seems to be squarely on the A-Team, and there's a chance that she helped A.D. by supplying Charlotte's favorite tool of the trade to use on Hanna.

No matter how the show makes it happen, Hanna has got to be alive — here's hoping that the other Liars get to her before something even worse happens.

Images: Adam Taylor/Freeform; Freeform