'Pretty Little Liars' Ended On A Shocking Note

After luring us into a false sense of security with that Haleb kiss, Pretty Little Liars just ripped the rug right out from under us. After their plan to trap A went horrifically wrong, Hanna was taken from the Lost Woods resort and brought to the church, where the episode ended with a terrifying visual. Is Hanna dead on Pretty Little Liars ? At the end of the Season 6 finale, we saw a mysterious figure dragging her unconscious body through the bell tower, purple flowers in her hand and blood dripping from her mouth. It was very reminiscent of Charlotte's death, and it seems that the person who took Hanna after she falsely confessed to that murder wanted to make her suffer the same fate. With that motive, it's definitely possible that the mysterious person tried to kill Hanna, but I don't think they succeeded.

First of all, it's just highly unlikely that Pretty Little Liars would kill off any of the four main Liars. They're the main characters that audiences have come to love for six years, and this isn't Game of Thrones — even Mona and Ali were brought back from "death" to continue with their stories. Plus, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ashley Benson tried to play coy about Hanna's fate, but ultimately made it seem like we shouldn't be too worried.

"Let's hope that she's alive and doing well. It's questionable at this point," Benson said. Then when ET brought up the possibility of a Liar being killed off for real, she said, "I mean, it really could be Hanna, you never know. You may not see me next season guys ... Kidding! ... But I might be in a lot of danger as well as all the other Liars, and the boys, for that matter." That makes it seem that though Hanna won't exactly be safe from whoever took her when Season 7 premieres, she should at least have a fighting chance. And considering how tough we know Hanna can be, I think the person dragging her through that bell tower should be very worried about what could happen if — or really, when — she wakes up.

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Image: Adam Taylor/Freeform