The First Photos Of JoJo As ‘The Bachelorette’ Are Finally Here — PHOTOS

Brace yourselves, Bachelor Nation, because the creator of dating reality shows that you love, Mike Fleiss, has finally revealed the first pictures of JoJo Fletcher as The Bachelorette. And let’s just put this out there now, in case you had any doubts: She looks absolutely radiant. As if any of us expected any different, of course. But still, I’m super pleased with Fleiss’ decision to consistently document the filming process of The Bachelorette via his Twitter page.

The creator of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette has been taking to social media to update fans on the filming process, how many guys are left in the competition (which is currently just filming), and other fun, spoiler-y tidbits. And honestly, though all of these spoilers prior to the premiere aren't exactly common for The Bachelorette, I'm loving it — this is way better than waiting two to three months for filming to end and the premiere to air. It’s great for me, because I love behind-the-scenes gossip more than life itself, and it’s great for the franchise because the constant “leaks” of information will undoubtedly get fans even more excited for the new season.

Besides, did any of us really want to wait two entire months to see JoJo as The Bachelorette? Um, no. I’d much rather get these little shreds of information than have to make do with publicity shots from Ben’s season of The Bachelor until the new season airs. Plus, just take a look at JoJo in all of her sparkly, shiny, glowy goodness. It’s clear that being the Bachelorette agrees with JoJo.

The two pictures that Fleiss shared with his followers were taken during the second rose ceremony, according to his tweets. The first shows a stunning shot of Fletcher in a chair behind-the-scenes at the Bachelorette mansion. And although her hair and makeup look perfect, it looks like she is either waiting for the next scene or getting her makeup touched up in between shots.

But the other more exciting picture that Fleiss posted shows Fletcher in full rose ceremony glory. Standing in front of a fireplace in a burgundy sequin gown, JoJo looks ready to find the man of her dreams … and to break a few hearts along the way. If these pictures are any indication, being the object of 25 guys’ affections definitely agrees with JoJo. Although, now that I think about it, who wouldn’t that agree with?

Get it, girl.

Images: ABC/Craig Sjodin; Giphy