'So Weird' Fans Will Love These Shows

The show I have had the hardest time moving on from is, without a doubt, Disney's So Weird . The show only lasted three seasons (and just two with its lead Cara DeLizia), but it left a major impact on my paranormal story loving self. I know I'm not alone either — So Weird has a major cult following to this day. However, one of the ways I've learned to keep the fandom alive is by watcing similar shows — and trust me, there are tons shows like So Weird that fans will love. Will any of them fully replace Fiona and her quest to investigate all things strange? Not quite — but they will at least give you new stories to fall in love with, and obsess over.

So Weird had several different elements that made it addictive: Fiona was a strong leading lady who was ultra capable at all the things, the paranormal storytelling spanned everything from folklore to aliens, there was a strong element of family, and — thanks to Fiona's mom being a musician — each episode took place in a different locale. All of these things came together to produce a show that both children and adults became totally addicted to. So Weird was smart, and any show that is going to come close to its appeal is going to have to be just as smart and creative as it was.

Personally, I think these 13 shows will delight So Weird fans.

1. Supernatural

An endless family road trip that brings new cases every week? A strong mythology? A big side of humor? Supernatural is So Weird — all that's missing is Fiona. There are also 11 and counting seasons, so you don't have to worry about an abrupt end to the story.

2. The X-Files

Without Mulder and Scully, there likely would have been no Fiona Phillips. If you haven't watched the show that started the sci-fi obsession, then you have some truly amazing television ahead of you.

3. Gravity Falls

While there's not a lot of travel in Gravity Falls, you don't need to go looking for mystery when your town is a hotbed of weirdness. Watching twins Mabel and Dipper spend their summer having amazing, often scary adventures, saving the world, and growing up will take you right back to the good old days of watching So Weird.

4. Teen Wolf

Just like Fiona, Jack, and Clu, the characters on Teen Wolf are trying to balance growing up with the paranormal aspects of their day to day lives. The show's plot is slow-burning in the beginning, but once it hits its stride, you will be hooked for life.

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

If Fiona was your favorite part of So Weird, then you need Buffy in your life. She is just as amazing as Fi, and surrounded by even more amazing women who fight with their brains and brawn.

6. iZombie

Fiona spent a lot of time struggling with her connection to the supernatural, and the undead protagonist of iZombie, Liv, faces a similar struggle. Like Fi, Liv chooses to use her circumstances to help people, while also delving deep into the strange new world of zombies she finds herself in.

7. Doctor Who

Each week, Doctor Who will whisk you away to a different locale in time and space. If you crave adventurous shows that refuse to stay in one place, then you need to hop aboard the TARDIS with The Doctor and his always cool companions.

8. Steven Universe

This cartoon is all about family and being your best self. It has a gentle spirit, but So Weird fans will love the Gems and watching Steven honor his mother's memory the way Fiona honored her father's.

9. Spooked

Ghost hunters who ride around in a bus and solve paranormal cases? I have a feeling fans of So Weird will feel right at home watching this comedy.

10. Eerie, Indiana

You won't regret going back to the '90s with Eerie, Indiana. The show is overflowing with the kind of weirdness that made each episode of So Weird so much fun. This is old school, pleasantly scary viewing that won't keep you up at night.

11. Warehouse 13

If your favorite episodes of So Weird were the lighter ones, then you need Warehouse 13 in your life. The show switches things up every week thanks to the cases that take the agents all over the country, but there is a core found family aspect and lots of humor that provides the show with the same amount of heart So Weird had.

12. Dirk Gently

The quirk is strong with this one, and that is definitely a good thing. Remember the town of Simplicity? That could very well be where "holistic detective" Dirk Gently hails from.

13. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is a soap at heart, but it's one that emphasizes family, friendship, and embracing your identity. All of those themes were essential to So Weird, and I like to think Fiona would have fit right into Mystic Falls when she was a little older.

So Weird can never be replaced, but these shows are superb distractions from your So Weird-less angst.

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