So far, Sochi Olympics Memes Have Been On Point

BAAAAAA BAAAA BA DUM DUM DUM DAAA DAAA! The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are here, y’all! With plenty of controversy to boot. The last winter games were held in Vancouver, B.C. and since it was Canada, no one in the world had a problem with it. This year’s big ceremony, however, is being held in Sochi, Russia.

Russia hasn’t been looked upon all too favorably as of late due to its international affairs and homeland policies, especially on the issue of gay rights, and the Olympics in and of itself has created even more trouble for Russia’s global image. The immense spending of the government on top of the shabby conditions of hotels and streets have been major hot-button topics. Sochi, so it seems, will be a memorable Olympics for all the wrong reasons (so far) and naturally, the Internet has responded.

Before the games even kicked off, the infamous double toilets went viral as well as a whole series of #SochiProblems and #SochiFails. That doesn't even scratch the surface of Putin’s pre-existing web fame.

So! Here are some of our favorite Olympic memes so far to get you prepped for the Opening Ceremonies:

Well for starters, how The Simpsons once again predicted the future:

Putin's grand entrance on the 2014 mascot:

How Sochi will be remembered:

How many journalists feel about their stay:

Doge is always so necessary:

How a lot of people feel about the state of Russia:

Here's lookin' at you, Putin:

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Images: Imgur; Darth/AliveNow/Machinandiarena/Jessicaelgot/westendproducer/Swasko/Twitter