21 Cute Beach Bags To Carry All Your Swimsuit & Sunscreen Essentials In

It's officially beach season, and while your mind might be all on what new swimsuits you want to buy, there's another item you might want to prioritize a little higher on your spring shopping list — a beach bag. There's so much we have to tote around when we're going to the beach/pool (snacks, sunscreen, beach reads), that you need an oversized tote, and you might as well make it cute, because you're going to be using it a lot. If you're in the market for a new one, check out these cute beach bags to store your spring and summer vacations in. They're functional and cute, so it's a win-win all around.

A beach bag is usually the last thing I want to spend my money on, and I usually end up buying too many swimsuits I don't need and grabbing a shoddy old tote out of my closet (or, like, using a grocery bag. #NoShame). And while adding to your swimsuit collection is great, you might want to make this the year you actually buy a cute beach bag. Let's face it — you're going to be using it on the regs and it's going to hold all your essentials, so it might be a little more worth it than, like, going crazy with five new swimsuits that you may end up only wearing once. Not saying that's happened to me or anything...

Convinced? Shop these 21 beach bags so you can hit the beach in style this year.

1. Straw

Straw Tote, $54, J.Crew

It might be basic, but straw totes never go out of style. They get the job done, and are totally practical for the beach, while still being chic.

2. Zebra

Stripe Tote, $69, J.Crew

Black and white is classic...but the zebra pattern makes it a little more exciting.

3. Mesh

Mesh Tote, $10 Target

Choose a mesh tote so you can see everything you need without having to endlessly fish for it inside your bag.

4. Nautical

Canvas Tote, $30, Target

You're going to the beach. Nautical stripes are a must.

5. Chevron

Chevron Tote, $10, Target

And, I mean, you might as well buy it in a sea foam green...

6. Pineapple

Echo Pineapple Print Tote, $48, ASOS

Whether or not you're actually in the tropics, carry your tote bag like you are.

7. Hologram

Hologram Beach Bag, $34, ASOS

This one is an eye-catcher.

8. Tasseled

Inca Beach Bag, $170, ASOS

Up the boho vibes with a printed, tasseled tote.

9. Seahorse

Thursday Friday, $43, ASOS

It's too stinkin' cute not to want to buy immediately.

10. Rope

Rope Handle Beach Bag, $24, ASOS

Nothing feels more nautical than stripes and rope.

11. Edgy

Rebecca Minkoff, $195, Nordstrom

Just because it's beach season, doesn't mean you have to forgo your signature, edgy style. Choose a black tote with zippered hardware.

12. Woven

San Diego Hat, $48, Nordstrom

A woven beach bag is timeless and chic.

13. Monogrammed

Cathy's Concepts, $39, Nordstrom

If it isn't moving, monogram it.

14. Pink & Green

Lilly Pullitzer, $88, Nordstrom

It may be the ultimate summer color combination.

15. Blue

Longchamp, $195, Nordstrom

This gorg watercolor inspired tote could easily double as a weekend/travel bag.

16. White

Shopper, $10, H&M

Get in all the white you can before labor day hits.

17. Crossbody

South Beach, $31, ASOS

If you want something appropriate for the beach but don't have a lot to carry, try a crossbody.

18. Tribal

South Beach, $21, ASOS

It just feels exotic.

19. Color-Blocked

Echo, $38, ASOS

All summer colors accounted for.

20. Duffle

South Beach, $21, ASOS

If you've got a lot to carry, go for a duffle.

21. Gold

Echo, $51, ASOS

It's the glam way to do the beach.

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Images: ASOS; Nordstrom; J.Crew; Target; H&M