Jennifer Lopez Shares Badass Selfie With Fellow Leading Ladies Of Television, But What Does It Mean? — PHOTO

Remember at the 2014 Academy Awards when host Ellen DeGeneres recruited celebrities for an epic selfie? Well, she just met her match in the "Best Selfie" category. On Thursday, Jennifer Lopez shared a selfie with her fellow leading ladies of television, and the photo is one of the fiercest and badass selfies I have ever seen. In addition to the multi-talented Lopez, who is also the star and executive producer of NBC's Shades of Blue, the picture features Scandal's Kerry Washington, Fargo's Kirsten Dunst, American Crime Story's Sarah Paulson, The Good Wife's Julianne Margulies, American Crime's Regina King, and UnREAL's Constance Zimmer. Does it get more epic than that? Update: J. Lo's photo was previously posted below before she deleted it from Instagram.

First, let me express how jealous I am of these amazing women. I so wish I could've been part of the selfie, or at least been there to witness so much greatness in one room. Obviously, Zimmer feels the same, because she reposted the photo on Instagram and captioned it, "Pinch me." She also took to Twitter and wrote, "Don't wake me up, I'm dreaming..." I feel you, Constance. I feel you.

Lopez wrote alongside her post, "Great afternoon w these beauties!!! #staytuned." What does this mean? Stay tuned for what? I need to know, stat. Clearly, this wasn't just an average day for these women, who are also some of the most talented performers on TV today. They got together for a specific reason, but as of right now it's being kept under wraps.

Well, I guess that means I'm going to have to figure it out. Here are just a few plausible explanations for this selfie that I will soon be framing.

It's For A Magazine

Most obviously, they could very well be shooting for a magazine. Plus, seeing as they are all part of the TV world, maybe it's in preparation for the 2016 Emmys? If it is for a magazine, you bet it'll find a permanent spot on my coffee table.

It's For J. Lo's Next Music Video

I'm sure Lopez finds inspiration from each of these women, so what better way to honor them by having them star in her next music video. I know, I know, Lopez hasn't released new music in a while, but who says she's not going to drop a song out of nowhere — and with the help of her fellow TV stars?

It's An Emmy Promo

The 68th Emmy Awards aren't until September, but that doesn't mean preparation isn't underway for the TV awards show. What better way to get people to tune in than by having some of the most famous, talented, and beloved women currently on television enticing them?

It's A Project To Inspire & Benefit Women

There's no doubt they all inspire through their characters and in real life, so they could easily be joining forces to inspire women in some way, shape, or form. It could either be for a charity, an organization, or something new they've created to benefit women's rights and ensure women of all ages feel fulfilled in life.

What do you think? Whatever the case, it's apparent that even with just a selfie they are already making everyone's lives better.

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