The Season 2 'Outlander' Costumes Are Incredible

by Courtney Mina

For those of you who are Outlander fans and have been suffering all year with "Droughtlander," the wait for the highly anticipated second season is almost over. The series premieres on Starz on April 9, 2016, and this time, the Outlande r season two costumes will take you on a breathtaking journey back in time to 18th century France.

When we first met Claire and Jamie Fraser in season one, Claire (a 20th century nurse) has traveled back in time to 18th century Scotland (by way of magic standing stones known as "Craigh na Dun") and there, met (and married) Jamie Fraser. Although the season was filled with danger, adventure, romance, and intrigue, the costumes — although historically accurate and beautiful in their own way — were rather practical, dull, and bleak, reflecting the rough weather and nature of Scotland.

Season 2, however, brings our beloved Frasers to 18th century France, at a time when it was the fashion forward capital of the world. And when it comes to the costumes for this season, the series doesn't disappoint. Everything is made with luxurious looking fabrics of silk and satin, made with the drama, elegance, and grandeur of France. The colors are all vibrant and alive, and the details are absolutely to die for. Gowns fit for a queen (along with cloaks and coats) are embellished with embroidered or hand-painted detail, with hats, gloves, purses and other accessories made to match. The costumes this season provide breathtaking sartorial eye-candy that will leave you gasping with delight.

From the promo images we've seen so far, here are some of the best costumes to keep an eye out for in Season 2.

1. The Brilliant Colors

Dark and richly elegant 18th century France street-wear.

2. The Crimson Gown

Grand gowns made of bold colors will capture your eye and steal your heart.

3. Some Floral Ensembles

The elegant costumes and gorgeous color combinations help create a magical 18th century French world.

4. The Painted Detailing

The costumes are embellished with absolutely stunning painted detail.

5. The Flowing Cloaks

Skirts and purses are elevated to a dramatic splendor with embroidered details and layers upon layers of luxurious fabric.

6. The Gorgeous Fabrics

Rich and lavish fabrics used for every occasion — even bedtime.

If the first season of Outlander was dull and bleak, the second season promises to make us feel vibrant and alive with it's stunning costumes alone. I don't know about you guys, but I seriously can't wait to be blown away and transported into the lavish, elegant, beautiful world of 18th century France, the fashion capital of the world; and to fall in love with every single gown and all the gorgeous splendor that is the costumes this season. Vive les Frasers!

Images: Courtesy of Starz