Who Is Alice Vaughan On 'The Catch'? Mireille Enos Has A Lot In Common With Her Character

If you've fallen in love with the likes of Meredith Grey and Olivia Pope, then it's high time you learn about Shonda Rhimes' newest leading lady of Thursday night television: Mireille Enos, who plays private investigator Alice Vaughan on The Catch . Not only is her character highly charismatic with a fashion sense that won't quit, but she's also a complete and total badass, especially when it comes to her job. That is, until her con-artist of a fiancé (played by Parenthood's Peter Krause) makes off with all of her money and possessions, which is what turns this would-be fairytale romance into a fast-paced cat and mouse game. But before we embark on this journey of martial (un)bliss, let's take some time to get to know the actress who plays Alice on The Catch . Because, as it turns out, she and her fictional counterpart are actually quite a lot alike.

I mean, fine, she hasn't been conned by any romantic love interest (not to my knowledge anyway), however, when it comes to martial arts skills, Enos can definitely hold her own. According to ABC.com, the actress has a black belt and routinely practices Tae Kwon Do, which makes her well equipped to handle any necessary fight scenes that may befall on her character. So if you see an impressive combat move made by Alice on the series, odds are it's legit and not the work of a stunt double.

However, Enos' qualifications don't just end there. Thanks to her former (and most popular) role as Detective Sarah Linden on AMC’s The Killing, she is also no stranger to the world of investigating — a background that will definitely come in handy during her role as top notch P.I. Movie buffs may also recognize her from when she starred opposite of Brad Pitt in the 2013 zombie film, World War Z. (So, um, I guess we also know she can handle the pressure of high-stress situations.)

But if there's one thing I love most so far about this show — and this particular character — it's that she refuses to let this man defeat her and is determined to catch (hence the title) this criminal and make him pay for what he's done. Will she be successful? That has yet to be determined, but it's a task I know Enos is more than capable of pulling off. I guess you could say she's quite the catch.

Images: Richard Cartwright/ABC (2)