The Mansplaining Hotline Is Here For All The Condescending Bros To Get Their Kicks — VIDEO

In case you were missing the soothing tones of the ballad that it mansplaining, Fox's Party Over Here has a solution that ought to satisfy the itch with their recent "Mainsplaining Hotline" sketch. Looking for a side hustle? Why not sit on the phone for 99 cents a minute while a broski reminds you that you're not a real sports fan unless you know the name of every member on the team? You cash out, he gets his kicks, and the fragile order of the patriarchy remains in tact. PHEWPH.

Truly, though, this sketch is a work of art dripping in sarcasm so thick that I want to put it in a cake. The men call our three heroines to explain everything from politics to sports to (of course) #NotAllMen, to which they nod vacuously and throw in an "uh-huh" or "wow, I didn't know that!" when need be. But I think the thing that makes this sketch genuinely and painfully hilarious is the fact that every single thing that the mansplainers said in it I can almost guarantee is something you have heard from a mansplainer at some point in your life, if not five minutes ago.


Did any other Star Wars fans just feel their blood pressure spike like a train was coming at them? Forget the fact that Rey survived as a scavenger on a hostile planet wielding a staff in the exact same way she used that lightsaber for almost her entire life, but any nerdy theorist worth their salt would have picked up on the fact that the only Force-sensitive abilities she demonstrates in the movie are ones that she immediately learns and internalizes from watching another Force-sensitive person do it first. She's a crazy fast learner and a survivor, which is more than we can say for Luke Skywalker, aka the SUEIEST MARY SUE OF ALL TIME, SO MAYBE WE SHOULD ALL JUST STEP OFF MY REY OF SUNSHINE AND —

Ahem. Sorry. This right here is why I'm not Mansplaining Hotline material; I'll see myself out.

In any case, this sketch is a beautiful mockery of the art of mansplaining. I beseech you to watch it — and then aggressively re-splain over all your mansplainers until they mansplode.

Images: YouTube