9 Affordable Phone Chargers You'll Actually Want To Carry Around

My phone is pretty much an extension of my arm at this point. Why fight it? From a steady stream of Instagrams and hourly Snapchat updates to sporadic Facebook scrolling and texting, my battery is constantly just struggling to keep up. Tracking down a portable phone charger that's actually affordable and not a big bulky mess has become a necessity in my life — and probably yours, too.

For me, hunting down an on-the-go charger was challenging because there are so many on the market. Whether you're solely in it for the battery life or you care more about how sleek it looks once you pull it out of your bag, there are a ton of different qualities to consider when shopping for yours. You can go wireless with a coaster-like charging pad, or you can take your phone to the park with a solar-powered portable charger. The benefits are enormous. Just think: no more ducking into a coffee shop for that entirely unnecessary purchase when all you really need is an available outlet.

You can relish the fact that you're packing endless hours of entertainment or simply rest easy, knowing you can always make a call should you need to.

Store An Extra Charge in Your Wallet

GMYLE Power Bank, $14, Amazon

This nifty power bank is thin enough (5 millimeters!) to slide right into your wallet on days when you know you'll need a little juice — not that you'll want to tuck this pretty marble gadget away. Its built-in charging cable means there's no need to remember yours, and it works for both iPhone and Android devices. The power bank comes with a keychain to attach it to your bag, and one user said it charged their phone up to one and a half times.

This Bank Blends In With Your Lipsticks

Portable Charger Lipstick Design, $10, Amazon

If you're always toting a few lipstick tubes anyway, throw this reflective charger into the mix. Engineered for an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, or Samsung HTC Smartphone, this tiny tube comes with a USB cord to connect your phone to the charger, and users say it powers their phone to about one full charge. One said, "I've used about four different brands of power banks and this is my favorite one. It's also the smallest one I've ever used." Plus, there's a 60-day warranty should any issues arise.

Have This Charger On Hand for Emergencies

Portable Charger With Rechargeable Flashlight, $13, Amazon

While it can feel like your phone dying is an emergency in and of itself, a real emergency could involve losing electricity (aka, your plug-into-the-wall charging capabilities). This portable phone charger features a lightbulb on its end that can stay bright for 24 hours. It's engineered to be protected from overheating, power surges, and over-charging, and one user said the incredibly bright light made this charger a must for camping trips.

Accident-Prone? Rubberize Your Power Pack

Emie Memo Power Bank , $24, Amazon

This graphic print pack is coated with a thin layer of rubber — perfect for those prone to scratch-related accidents. It's only .53 inches thick, too, which means it's easily stored in pockets or bags. It's capable of charging an iPhone 6 a little more than three times and a Samsung 5S more than twice, and the device itself has a lifetime of 500 charges. A color-coded LED light lets you know how much charge remains,

If Your Phone's Qi-Compatible, Boot Up Wirelessly

Invitian Mobile Phone Charging Pad , $28, Amazon

If you're rocking a Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Nokia Droid, or any other Qi-capable phone, this futuristic pad could be a space-saver for your cord-crowded desk outlet. Pull it out when catching up with a friend at coffee, and simply rest your phone on top like a coaster. It's crafted to protect your phone from overheating while charging up, and its sleek gold brushed edges add a stylish edge to the design.

For Afternoons Outside, Charge With Solar Power

Hallomall Solar Portable Phone Charger , $18, Amazon

Planning a day in the park? If you know you'll be outdoors, bring the solar charger that runs on sunshine. The device is speedy, and its dual ports means it can juice up two phones at once. Its hook easily attaches to your tote or backpack, and a compass comes in handy if you're bringing the gadget on your weekend hike. It's waterproof and shock-resistant, and its life cycle can withstand more than 500 phone charges.

Keep Things Classic With A Cylindrical Pack

Poweradd Portable Charger , $13, Amazon

If all the extra gizmos are pretty unnecessary in your book, keep it simple. This streamlined option fully charges itself up in as little as three hours, so that you can get to charging your phone as quickly as possible. Once charged, the portable device can boot up a iPhone 6 or 6S two times over (and a Samsung Galaxy S6 a little more than once), and its two-year warranty doesn't hurt, either. LED lights at the base clearly indicate how much charge is left, too.

...Or If You've Lost Your Cord Altogether, Upgrade!

Ban.do iPhone Charger, $34, Amazon

So, your phone charging cord grew legs and walked away: it happens. But instead of picking up another boring run-of-the-mill cord, personalize yours with a little color. This bright one from Ban.do is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, and 6 Plus, and it comes with a car phone charger — a definite life-saver if you're the designated navigator.

For Protection & Power, Get a Charging Cover

Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 6/6s , $65, Amazon

The Mophie covers are excellent because they bring together two things you already need in one place: power and protection. This cover can be worn 24/7, and it activates only when you need it to. It's a bit pricier, but it does eliminate the need to carry a separate charging pack in your bag. This cover gives your phone 12 more hours of web time (or 60 hours for music), which equates to 120 percent additional charge.

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