Kristen Bell Reveals Her Instagram Struggles & What Her Kids Think Of Those Pesky Cameras

The world got a little brighter the day Kristen Bell joined Instagram. With her first post, an adorable selfie of her kissing husband Dax Shepard, her followers were promised great things: Personal posts, photos of the fam, and an intimate look into the Frozen star's reality. Previously, fans had seen her home videos: The sloth birthday meltdown and her take on Toto's "Africa," but an Instagram account would be a new way to view all things Kristen. Yet according to the actor, a new social media account was a lot to take on. "I was much more comfortable with Twitter because you don't have to be camera ready," The Boss actor says. "Not that each picture has to be perfect, but I get my picture taken for a living, so I'm not as comfortable with it when I'm not working."

Bell's reluctance to be photographed has extended to her children, too. Perhaps it's because of how they're being raised, or perhaps they've seen how a flashing camera is associated with a long work day in their mom's world, but according to Bell, her kids are also camera-shy. "I don't like to take out my camera all the time. My kids don't like to have their pictures taken. They like for phones to be left on the table and left there for the rest of the night," the 35-year-old says.

In 2014 Bell and husband Shepard started the #NoKidsPolicy campaign — attempting to convince media outlets to stop using unsolicited paparazzi photos of famous-born children (like her own kids, Lincoln and Delta). The social media campaign was effective in creating major change for celebrity parents. In an interview conducted by Bustle's Rachel Simon, Bell said of the campaign five months after it began: "We’ve made more strides than I ever anticipated. I haven’t been followed with Lincoln since I started talking about this, and I will forever be grateful that she doesn’t know what that feels like."

It's safe to assume we won't be seeing any photos of Bell's daughters on her social media accounts, but hopefully we'll be seeing more of the Frozen star herself. "I'm struggling with not feeling pressure to find pictures to post throughout the day. But I'm working through it. It's a really fun medium to be able to share things with other people," she says. "I guess my one commitment is just to not ever post anything that's nonsense. I want to post something that either I believe in or will make other people laugh."

Considering Bell's last post is a photo collage of a Frozen doll and a Game of Thrones' Tyrion doll arranged in a variety of compromising positions, (actor Peter Dinklage appears in Bell's The Boss) it's safe to say the mother of two is sticking to her commitment, with her wicked sense of humor on full display.

Images: kristenanniebell/Instagram(2)