This Could Explain A Lot About 'PLL's Dr. Rollins

by Kaitlin Reilly

If there's one thing fans should know by now after six seasons of watching Pretty Little Liars, it's that any stranger to breeze into Rosewood is typically up to no good. Fans learned that was most definitely the case with Ali's love interest turned insta-husband, Dr. Rollins, who offered Pretty Little Liars one of its most jaw-dropping finale moments ever. Turns out, not only was Dr. Rollins helping Jessica's identical twin Mary take control of the Carissimi Group, he was also totally playing his new bride Ali. Apprently, Dr. Rollins was secretly dating Charlotte, and simply used a vulnerable Ali to get what he actually wanted — which was his hands on all of her cash. That makes Dr. Rollins the shadiest doctor not working at Radley Sanitarium, but it's not the only thing that ties him to this PLL veteran: Dr. Rollins was hiding an English accent, and why he was doing so might reveal something huge.

When Huw Collins was cast as Dr. Rollins on the show, it seemed odd that the English actor didn't keep his original accent. After all — Hanna is currently dating a dude with an accent, so why not let Ali date a guy from across the pond? It was only revealed in the Season 6 finale that Collins wouldn't be hiding his true voice forever — but now the question is, why was he hiding it in the first place?

The most basic answer to that question is that Dr. Rollins isn't exactly who he claims to be. In fact, Pretty Little Liars' showrunner I. Marlene King told Zap2It that a "London connection" may come up on the show. Who else is connected to London? None other than everyone's favorite Big A red herring and fellow doctor, Wren Kingston.

It seems like way too big of a coincidence to make Dr. Rollins super evil and very specifically English without connecting him to the show's most famous Brit. Though Wren has not appeared on the series since Season 4, his name was mentioned as recently as Season 6B in connection to Charlotte. In fact, Melissa tells Hanna during a chance run-in in London that Wren broke up with her because of Charlotte. That can't be useless information — and now that we know Dr. Rollins also is deeply rooted in London, the pieces could fit together in strange ways. Could Dr. Rollins be finishing up the work that Wren couldn't do in Rosewood?

There are a lot of reasons why Wren was suspected of being shady, such as coloring in a scene eerily similar to the one at the Campbell Farm and making Charlotte a visitor's pass for Radley. Perhaps Wren wasn't playing the Big A game back then — instead, he was connected with a game that would only really start after Charlotte's death. Maybe, in order to get in with the DiLaurentis family and play the A game, he would need a partner: hence Dr. Rollins.

Only time will tell whether Wren is connected to Dr. Rollins, but going forward, that accent could mean everything.

Image: Freeform; Giphy