How Wren Could Still Be Involved On 'PLL'

by Kaitlin Reilly

Fans' heads are still spinning from that absolutely insane Pretty Little Liars finale. And understandably so — while the Season 6A finale may have finally unmasked Big A, the Season 6B finale gave us a twist so completely out of left field that few fans could have expected it to play out the way it did. The Season 6B finale revealed that Alison's mother Jessica has an identical twin named Mary Drake, who was a patient at Radley. The other kicker? That Mary was actually Charlotte's birth mother, making the now-deceased Big A Alison and Jason's biological cousin, not sister. Mary is hellbent on avenging her daughter's death, and her partner in crime is someone very close to her niece Alison. Dr. Rollins is working with Mary, and, as revealed in the finale, has a lot more in common with Wren than just their medical degree. Dr. Rollins is also British, making fans wonder — could Dr. Rollins and Wren be brothers?

It's certainly a possibility, and the show may be making their connection obvious on purpose. Fans long suspected that Wren was a key player in the A game — so much so that Julian Morris had to acknowledge that he "wasn't Charles" on Twitter in August 2015 — and though Wren hasn't appeared in Season 6, he hasn't been forgotten. Hanna's flashback revealed that Charlotte called Wren, and that the phone call was somehow connected to Wren and Melissa's breakup. It could be a way to keep Wren in the game in case Morris does have a chance to return to the show as he promised via Twitter, or it could be a way to keep his name fresh for when he's revealed to have a major connection to Dr. Rollins.

But the real kicker definitely comes from the Season 6B finale. The actor who plays Dr. Rollins, Huw Collins, is actually British, so it's a little bizarre that the show didn't have Collins go with his original accent — unless the accent was part of Dr. Rollins' hidden past. It's clear that the show didn't want the doctor to be associated with his English accent until the very last moment of the show — an accent that would definitely remind fans of their long-lost English doctor Wren. The simplest explanation for this would be that Wren and Dr. Rollins are brothers, and their brotherly connection hides a very shady past.

If Wren and Dr. Rollins really are related, it's odd that the show would hide it — unless hiding it protects a very diabolical family secret. As far as the Liars know, Wren is just Melissa (and Spencer's) ex and Charlotte's former doctor. If he is related to Dr. Rollins, it might mean that Wren has been working against the Liars this whole time, just as fans suspected long ago.

Only time will tell whether Dr. Rollins is really Wren's brother, or if Dr. Rollins is just another shady Brit we should keep our eye on. Here's hoping that we get the connection we've been waiting for — one that ties everything back to Wren.

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