Are Kendall + Kylie Sunglasses Happening? Get Your Eyes Ready For Some Chic Protection

On Thursday, Kendall and Kylie Jenner launched Kendall + Kylie's latest collection at Nordstrom, and they were posting pics all day on Instagram and Snapchat, naturally. One picture on Kylie's Instagram in particular caught my eye — she posted a pic of a Kendall + Kylie-branded pair of sunglasses. Yep, it looks like the sisters are expanding their clothing and shoe collection to include sunglasses (and hopefully other accessories) and I couldn't be more excited. So, when will Kendall + Kylie sunglasses come out?

Kylie wasn't clear about when the sunglasses collection is going to launch, but with summer coming and their latest Kendall + Kylie spring 2016 collection hitting stores now, I'm betting it's going to be sooner rather than later. And, the fact that Kylie already has a pair of the shades on hand probably means they're ready to ship and will be in stores before the summer (at least we can hope that's the case). Kendall and Kylie both are known for their sunglasses game, and from Dior shades to a $25 pair Kylie has been wearing, they both have amassed pretty big collections. Judging by the Instagram Kylie posted, their sunglasses line is going to be majorly chic.

The pair appears to be a set of gold aviators with really cool grey, white and black frames. From what I can see in the pic, the material almost reminds me of marble. I'm really loving this look.

Considering Kendall and Kylie both have so many pairs of sunglasses, I'm hoping they drew from their own collections for inspiration. Here's what I think (and hope!) we'll be seeing in the Kendall + Kylie sunglasses collection.

1. Retro Geometric Shades

Kendall posted this pic at the Trevi Fountain sporting a pair of not-quite-square sunglasses, and I think they're really chic.

2. Cat Eyes

Kylie wore this amazing pair of oversized shades with reflective frames, and I hope there's a similar cat eye pair in the new collection.

3. Classic Aviators

I love this Instagram video Kendall posted, and her shades are such a classic. Aviators never go out of style.

4. Light Colored Frames

This pair Kylie posted kind of look like the preview photo she posted, but I'm betting there will be a pair with light colored frames in the collection.

5. Round Sunglasses

I love the circular frames on this pair Kendall posted. They're kind of Beatles-esque, right?

6. Mirrored Shades

Mirrored sunglasses are huge right now, so I'm betting they'll definitely make an appearance in the first Kendall + Kylie collection. I hope they look similar to this chic pair.

Although there's no official release date yet, I couldn't be more excited to see the first pairs of shades the Jenner sisters come up with.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands