Who Is Margot Bishop On 'The Catch?' Sonya Walger's Character Is Trouble

ShondaLand fans, your newest obsession has arrived — The Catch's pilot episode wasted no time jumping right into the cat and mouse game that will be central to the show's freshman season. When private investigator Alice Vaughan is conned and robbed by her own fiancé, she and her colleagues make clear that they won't stop until they beat Ben Jones at his own game. Thanks to the hacking chops of a lawyer employed by Alice, they achieve their first victory by successfully draining all his offshore accounts. Game on. Ben and his cohorts are all expert con artists, but Margot Bishop on The Catch seems like she'll be the toughest one to outwit.

In addition to conning Alice, Ben has also been in a relationship with Margot this entire time — so things are definitely going to get a little messy and I can't wait for the moment when Alice and Margot inevitably come face-to-face this season. We don't know much about her yet, but Margot is Ben's boss and he understandably seems pretty intimidated by her. (He better hope she doesn't find out that he developed feelings for Alice during their time together.) According to her official ABC character bio, here's Margot's deal:

Margot Bishop is the formidable, no-nonsense British power player who is the chief architect of Ben and Reggie's criminal assignments. She's the brains of the operation – the Dame Judi Dench to Ben's Daniel Craig - but she, too, has no problem going undercover on their criminal cons and adventures when necessary.

Although she was all talk in the pilot, it sounds like Margot won't get left out of this season's action sequences. She's played by Sonya Walger — and, if she looks familiar, it's because Walger is no stranger to the small screen. She's probably best known for her role as Penelope Widmore on Lost, which broke our hearts and earned her a well-deserved Saturn Award nomination. She also had an arc on Parenthood, so this isn't Walger's first time working with Peter Krause. And, she's no stranger to ShondaLand — Walger guest starred on Scandal in 2014 and, despite only appearing in several episodes, her performance was strong enough to earn her a leading role on The Catch.

Margot is going to be the character we love to hate this season — and, since she's clearly the brains behind the entire operation, I think the ultimate showdown will be between she and Alice.

Image: Richard Cartwright/ABC