Relationship Tests You & Your Partner Should Pass

Sure, in the movies and on TV, relationships can look perfect. However, as we all know, they can be far, far from that in reality. No matter what, the honeymoon stage will have to end at some point and the true relationship tests start to rear their not so pretty head. If a relationship has a strong and healthy foundation, you two should be able to pass these relationship tests. However, if you have a rather unhealthy partnership, it will likely crumble apart when everything isn’t so hunky dory. You’ll know when you’ve got a keeper when you two can handle anything that comes your way. Your partner shouldn’t be running for the door after one silly argument.

Being a relationship expert and life coach, I’ve seen the strongest of relationships (and the opposite), and those that work are strong because they have been through thick and thin together. The part of a relationship that makes you two grow together and build a deeper connection is the moments you have with each other — even the rough ones. It’s not about what happens between you two, it’s about how you handle them. So, if you can pass these so-called tests, then your relationship most likely has a solid foundation.

1. Meeting Each Other’s Family & Friends

Meeting the family is a big deal. And it's not just about making a good impression, but also an important chance for you to witness his or her family's dynamic. So, it's not necessarily a test for you to pass; it's more like all eyes on the family members. Let's say for instance you meet your partner's parents and they are arguing right in front of you or treating each other badly, or you partner's closest friends are constantly negative and critical of each other — that's very telling. On the other hand, if you instantly click with his or her people and feel a great connection, then you're golden. Keep in mind that sometimes close friends are more important than someone's family, too, and these type of meetings and interactions can be just as important.

2. Having Awkward Sex

If you've never had awkward sex before, then you haven't truly lived life to the fullest. It's almost like you're not a real twosome until you've had awkward sex with each other. Think of things like an accidental fart while getting it on, or trying to have shower sex in the tiniest shower known to man. The cringe-worthy possibilities are endless. If you guys can have weird, clumsy sex, and end up laughing about it together, then you can truly make it through anything.

3. Building Furniture Together

I've seen couples make it or break it after a trip to IKEA. Sounds nice enough, right? Building furniture with the one person you love the most... eh, try it and then talk to me. One person starts to get frustrated and the other person tries to do things on his or her own, and one disagreements occurs and all of a sudden it's World War III. If you can make it through building a bed or a dresser together, you surely can build a life together too — or at least have a much better shot.

4. Running Into An Ex

Running into an ex is already bad enough, but running into an ex with your current partner is worse. You have to do the whole "How are you?" thing with your partner standing right there. Now, this situation can go one of two ways. Either your partner will not see that moment as a big deal, or it will open a can of worms that you didn't even want opened.

5. Traveling For The First Time

Going on a vacation with your lover can be the time of your life. But, it can also be the time of your life where you realize you're just not meant to be. Maybe you realized on that 11-hour flight to Costa Rica that you don't want to be with someone who doesn't even offer you the window seat. It's special moments like these that will bring you two closer together or bring you closer to saying goodbye.

6. A Big Argument

Any couple can survive a silly little argument. But not every couple can survive a big ol' nasty argument. I'm not saying it has to be a fight where you two are screaming horrible names at each other. I mean one where you wish you could take some things back, maybe you or both of you were hysterically crying, and for a moment you both questioned being with each other. If you can make it through the other side of a fight like that, instead of calling it quits immediately, then you have passed that test.

If you don't "pass" one of these tests, it doesn't necessarily mean that you and your partner are doomed for a big, bad breakup. However, if you can't make it through any of these events without some kind of conflict, then odds are you probably aren't meant to take things to the next level.

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