11 Zayn Malik 'Mind Of Mine' Lyrics That Could Easily Be About One Direction

Exactly one year after his sudden departure from One Direction, Zayn Malik is marking the March 25 anniversary with the release of his solo album Mind of Mine. Oh, Zayn, won't you stop breaking those poor boys' hearts? But, while the album is full of pop tunes destined to land on your next workout playlist, it will be impossible to enjoy "tRuTh" without wondering how many Mind of Mine lyrics are about One Direction.

The breakup has been tearing up 1D fans for a year now, and it is not getting any less painful as Malik miiiight be throwing shade at his old band mates on his new album. But I mean, maybe he's also confessing how much he misses them, though? One Direction's harmonies were too sweet for Malik to not miss the good old bro times at least a little, right?

Unless Malik spills about what each one of his new songs is about, fans will be left using their imaginations as they listen to Mind of Mine and its lyrics which are by turns gleeful, angry, and heartbroken lyrics. The world may never know exactly how many lines are truly about the band that made Malik famous... but that won't stop me from speculating.

These 11 Mind of Mine lyrics have 1D feels written all over them.

1. "Am I Wrong For Wanting To Make It?" — "iT's YoU"

It's like Malik is speaking directly to the rest of the band here. He had to go his own way, guys! And maybe he is secretly a little sad about it.

2. "So Say What You Wanna Say, What You Want/ Shame Is You Won't Say That To My Face" — "BeFoUr"

The angst is too real. The title of the song alone screams 1D after Malik (they are four now), and the lyrics certainly sound like he is totally calling out Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam. Communication is everything, even after a massive breakup.

3. "Wasted Every Night/ Gone For Every Song" — "dRuNk"

Maybe Zayn misses his old friends. Now that he is "gone for every song," nothing is the same anymore.

4. "Late Nights, Red Eyes, Amnesia, I Need Ya" — "dRuNk"

OK, this has to be about 1D. I mean, come on... four phrases? Four former bros?

5. "I Never Doubted Myself/ But I Doubted You" — "rEaR vIeW"

This lyric is a little more confident, but still tinged with regret. He doubted 1D and he lost his friends in the process. The pain is practically Shakespearean.

6. "And It Ain't About Who's Winning Or Losing" — "lUcOzAdE"

Is that a peace flag Malik is waving, or do I detect a hint of shade? All I know for sure is, this looks a lot like commentary on his solo success versus 1D without him.

7. "My Enemy, My Ally" — "Pillowtalk"

Maybe Malik is so conflicted about this breakup thing, it's making him all dark and broody. He is the Mr. Rochester of ex-boy band members now.

8. "This Love Is Tainted/ I Need You And I Hate It" — "fOoL fOr YoU"

Are you hearing this, 1D? Malik (maybe) needs you. Someone needs to negotiate a peace treaty so these boys can all be happy again. Who wants to volunteer as a tribute?

9. "Can't Tune My Chords Into Your Songs, No" — "BeFoUr"

Ouch. There's no pretty way to spin this one. Malik could easily be calling out his old band and talking up his musical prowess at the same time. If this were a game of Battleship, this lyric would be a direct hit.

10. "Don't Follow Me/ Don't Lean On Me" — "BoRdErZ"

Even if he is a little conflicted deep down, Malik went his own way. He's moved on, even if it has broken a lot of hearts.

11. "This Wasn't My Dream/ It Was All Yours" — tRuTh

Sorry, guys, Malik is doing his own thing now and this whole song could easily be one big goodbye to his time as a member of 1D.

While all of these lyrics may not have been written with 1D in mind, it is impossible to listen to Mind of Mine without thinking about the band breakup of the century.

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