"BeFoUr" Finally Has A Music Video

On March 25, the same day that Zayn finally released his highly anticipated solo album, Mind of Mine, the singer had another surprise in store. No, he hasn't left another boy band. Instead, Zayn released the "BeFoUr" music video, you know, the video for that song everyone basically assumes is about One Direction? While it's entirely possible that the song is about his former bandmates, the video has absolutely nothing to do with them. In fact, it's basically like, One Direction, who?

The video itself is all about Zayn and it appears to be quite the introspective look at his humble beginnings before he was a massive pop star in a hugely famous boy band. We get a glimpse of his bizarrely controversial album cover painted on a wall, and then glimpses of him hanging out with friends in a car. What's cool about it is that these don't appear to be Hollywood friends, just regular people, which could actually be a subtle dig at the Hollywood life he's got now.

The shots of Zayn in the car are interwoven with shots of random people boxing, hanging out in a billiard hall, hanging on a street corner, hanging at the barber shop (do you see a theme here?), all of course seeming to relay the message that Zayn may be embarking on an exciting new stage in his life, but he's still the same guy he always was. Sort of a "Jenny from the Block 2.0," if you will. But with no Manolo Blahniks, just diner food.

If you're looking for the perfect chill jam for your Friday playlist, this video is all you need!

Image: ZaynVEVO/YouTube