Zayn Malik's "dRuNk" Lyrics, Analyzed

The full Mind of Mine album finally dropped on Friday, and it's time to do some analysis — like what do Zayn Malik's "dRuNk" lyrics mean? My general understanding of this album so far is that it's wall-to-wall sex and One Direction references, but "dRuNk" represents a slight deviation from that norm. You know, in that it seems to be just a flat-out ode to intoxication. The title suggests that it's going to be all about drinking, but right off the bat, Zayn proves us wrong with the first lyrics of the song:

We're so late nightsRed eyes, amnesia, on iceLate nights, red eyes, amnesia, I need ya

Unless I missed the part where booze makes your eyes red, Zayn is also referring to some drug use here. I'd imagine specifically marijuana? (I have never felt as old as I did just now typing that sentence.) But then, just as my maternal instincts are kicking in, Zayn throws another verse out there that reassures me he might actually be talking about the intoxication of love. Phew.

Right now I can't see straightIntoxicated it's trueWhen I'm with youI'm buzzing and I feel lacedI'm coming from a different phaseWhen I'm with you

But then just like that, he's back to his old tricks.

I'd take a shot for youWasted every nightGone for every songFaded every nightDancing all night long

Every night, Zayn? Every night? Your parents and I just want to make sure you're taking care of your body and getting enough sleep. We really care about you, buddy, and we want good things for you.

Drunk all SummerDrunk all SummerWe've been drunk all SummerDrinking and flowing and rollingWe're falling down

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Not sure of the best way to say this, but I'd really love it if you could refrain from being wasted for an entire season? I mean you do you, and I'll support you either way. Again, this is about love. Tough love, but still love.

Drunk, drunk, drunk, drunkDrunk, drunk, drunk, drunk(You put your drinks up)Drunk, drunk, drunk, drunkDrunk, drunk, drunk, drunkDrunk all SummerDrunk all Summer

OK, you know what? Do what you want. If this album as a whole didn't make it clear enough that Zayn is all grown up, this song about getting drunk, drunk, drunk will definitely convince you. Check it out below.