Where To Buy Will Ferrel's Sexy Hot Tan Sunscreen, Because You Need It In Your Life — PHOTO

With the summer months approaching fast, celebrities are already rolling out their new product launches. Jumping into the world of skincare, Will Ferrell launched a sunscreen named Sexy Hot Tan, according to Allure, and out of all the new beauty items out there, this might just be the one you need the most. Not only is the packaging hilarious, but there's a great cause behind this sunscreen as well. So, if you're wondering where to buy Sexy Hot, read on.

Despite the hilarious packaging, featuring the actor wearing nothing but a Speedo and rocking a pronounced tan line, this truly is a sunscreen that will protect your skin. I bet you never thought you'd want Ferrell sitting on your makeup table, huh? The best part, however, is that the actor created Sexy Hot Tan in collaboration with Cancer For College, an organization that grants scholarships to children who have battled the disease, according to Allure. For just $20 you'll get two bottles of sunscreen, free shipping, and a chance to make a child's life a little bit better.

If that's not enough to get you to buy, maybe this hilarious packaging will be. It looks like a totally weird April Fools' Day joke, and yet you can actually own this stuff.

Will Ferrell's Super Mega Sexy Hot Tan, $20, cancerforcollege.org

"The sun is an evil celestial demon. It tricks us into worshipping it with its warm alluring rays and bright primary color. Don't be fooled. It wants to destroy us and is hell bent on world domination," reads the product description on the site. "Have no fear, I've worked in my lab with a team of skin scientists and retired astronaut Brock Sternum to create what we think is our best sunscreen yet!"

This is the second time that the Zoolander 2 star has teamed up with the Cancer For College. You might remember back in 2009 when he released a trio of hilarious sunscreens with the same organization. How is this time around different? The duo is now using "super mega amounts of the exact same ingredients to make this [their] sexiest sunscreen ever." Duh!

Will Ferrell Sunscreen, DISCONTINUED, cancerforcollege.org

This is guaranteed to brighten your summer up for sure! Plus it's the third best celebrity endorsed sunscreen on the market, according the the hilarious description.

This isn't the only unique product that celebs have released either. From toothpaste to hair products, some A-listers have gone above and beyond with their collaborations. Once you see these wacky celebrity fashion and beauty products that have actually been on the market, you won't think Ferrell's is so bizarre after all.

1. Jessica Simpson's Edible Cosmetics

Jessica Simpson Dessert 6 Piece Lipgloss, $33, skodot.com

This line was the epitome of early '00s beauty. Not only did Simpson make her own edible lipglosses, but she had everything from body powders to fragrances as well.

2. The Olsen Twins' Mousse

Olsen Twins Shimmering Crackle Mousse, DISCONTINUED, moviepilot.com

What is shimmer crackle mousse? I have no idea, but it looks like the Olsen Twins had a long road ahead before they got to be the high end designers that they are today.

3. Tico Torres' Rockstar Baby Outfits

Starter Set In White, DISCONTINUED, rockstarbaby.com

Apparently this drummer didn't like what he saw in the baby clothing industry. His line had everything from hardcore binkies to rock 'n roll slippers.

4. Carlos Santana Footwear Line

Carlos Malor Wedge Sandal, $55, nordstromrack.com

Why would a legendary guitarist create his own shoe line? I have no idea. But honestly, the shoes are really cute!

5. Heidi Klum's Low Fat Dessert Candies

Peter Kramer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just when you think it can get any crazier, Klum starts selling candies with her face on them. These aren't exactly beauty items, but I'll let it slide since they come in a yogurt flavor.

6. Snoop Dogg's Slippers

Navy House Shoes, $32, shop.musictoday.com

Not only does the rapper sell his own slippers, but he has also leant his name to everything from hats to bracelets. Oh, and the line is called Snoopermartket. I can't even make this stuff up.

7. Justin Bieber's Dental Floss

Brush Buddies Bieber Floss, $2, dentist.net

Because if there's one thing that Bieber knows... it's how to get clean teeth? I'm not really sure, but it looks like people just had to have 55 yards of Bieber floss at one point in time.

I bet Ferrell's sunscreen is looking pretty reasonable to you now!

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Images: Cancer For College (2), Courtesy Brands