11 'Mind Of Mine' Lyrics In Which Zayn Malik Is Clearly Trying To Distance Himself From One Direction

Today was an important day if you're a One Direction fan, or if you have a Twitter account and expect to see any semblance of news besides this tidbit: Zayn Malik released his solo debut album Mind of Mine. Even more significantly, Zayn released his album on the one year anniversary of his departure from One Direction. It's a move that would seem to suggest he wants to be forever tied to the boy band... but not so fast. When you look into it, the lyrics on "Mind of Mine" suggest Zayn might want to distance himself from One Direction.

Now that he's a solo artist and having lots of fun adult times, Zayn is following in the grand tradition of establishing himself as a man separate from the boy band. He's looking to walk in Justin Timberlake's footsteps, if you will, and shed his innocent image, to leave himself more powerful than the residual 1D members combined. (But like, isn't Harry Styles more of the Justin Timberlake of this particular pop music franchise? Please help me out, fellow kids.)

Anyway, here is definitive lyrical proof that Zayn is trying to take a giant step from One Direction.

1. "Now That I'm On The Edge/ I Can't Find My Way/ It's Inside Of My mind Of Mine/ Open Up And See What's Inside Of My/ My Mind"

Zayn is on the edge now, guys, so, so edgy. But more than that, he's giving you an invitation (V.I.P. backstage pass) into what's inside his mind, what he is going through as an autonomous individual.

2. "A Place That Is So Pure, So Dirty And Raw/ Be In The Bed All Day, Bed All Day, Bed All Day/ F*cking In, Fighting On/ It's Our Paradise And It's Our War Zone"

Zayn is a grown-up who can have sex and say swear words. He wants you to know that.

3. "I've Done This Before/ Not Like This, Not Like This"

Zayn's had a successful pop music career before, but not with sex and swearing.

4. "So Pardon If I Don't Speak/ Can't Tune My Chords Into Your Songs, No"

I mean, how literal should we be about this one, because all of "BeFoUr" sounds like a break-up song with 1D, and this part suggests he literally doesn't want to add his voice to their music anymore.

5. "If There's Something I Want/ I'll Take All The Right Wrongs/ Now, I'm Gonna Stay In My Zone/ I'm Tired Of Picking That Bone/ And I Can't Be Bothered To Fight It No More, No"

Zayn don't need no band. He's also basically 110 percent done with trying to compromise with anyone, and wants to do things his way.

6. "This Ain't My Scene/ This Wasn't My Dream/ It Was All Yours/ All Of Course"

Probably his internal montage while stuck in another super saccharine music video shoot.

7. "My Dreams, New Seeds With Enemies/ I Got Caught Up In This Game/ A Game"

He's not talking about Monopoly (probably), he's talking about the internal and external struggles of being in a boy band (probably).

8. "I'm Sipping Pink/ Lucozade/ We're Blazing On That New Found Haze"

Can't sing about stuff like this when you're a tween role model!

9. "It's 'Bout The Path You're Choosing/ Time Heals Pain And Promotes Self-Soothing"

Zayn is on his own journey now, and one day maybe we'll see him as something other than that-guy-who-left-One-Direction. But how can he make us forget?

10. "You Like It Hard Like Me/ It's What You Need/ Let's Get Naked And Explore/ Our Inner Secrets/ For What It Is"

Oh right, Zayn is the one that has sex now.

11. "I'll Get Her Wetter Than Ever/ Four Letters Is Never The Question/ She Likes When I’m Messy/ And I Like When She’s Undressing"

So much sex.

Well, best of luck to Zayn as he quests to become a successful solo artist. You keep doing you, bro.

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