Thorpe Is The Best Derek Replacement On 'Grey's'

Suffice to say that Meredith Grey has had a real time of it on Grey’s Anatomy. How many bad things can happen to one person before you just say, “OK, Shonda, let’s shut it down.”? Meredith lost the love of her life, Dr. Derek Shepherd, in Season 11 in a bait-and-switch good Samaritan car crash. Was it tough to watch? Sure, I suppose. Was Meredith’s very long mourning period good and justified? Yes. Is it time for her to move on? 100 percent. And, that’s just the beginning of the reasons why Meredith Grey and Will Thorpe should date on Grey’s Anatomy .

Few characters on television get as nuanced and delicious a love story as Derek and Meredith did. They met, they shacked up, they broke up, they got married on a Post-It, they almost broke up again, he died, etc. But, now that Derek is gone, Meredith can’t keep holding on to the past. It’s not good for her — remember how her latest therapist said that she has to start letting people in again?

Will Thorpe came out of nowhere, and I mean that in the best way. It’s always easier to find things when you’re not looking for them. Meredith and the Grey Sloan team came to Thorpe’s hospital to work on one of his patients, a veteran who had a very complicated case of bone cancer. While Thorpe wasn’t sure of the Grey Sloan team’s surgical prowess, it all worked out, and Thorpe ended the adventure by asking Meredith out. She didn’t oblige at first, because she’s Meredith Grey, and she makes nothing easy, but eventually, the two of them shared some time. It looks like Thorpe and Meredith are hitting it off — here’s why Shonda should keep this romance going.

They Both Know Tragedy

Having been in the army, Thorpe is accustomed to seeing some pretty messed-up things. Both he and Meredith have watched people die. Meredith may say she doesn’t have any issues from the plane crash, the shooting, etc., but that stuff stays with a person, no matter what. Having seen some horrors himself, Thorpe would maybe know how to relate to that.

Meredith Deserves To Be Happy

We can pretty much count the number of episodes — out of 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy — in which Meredith Grey has been truly happy. Can’t we have another character be miserable for a while? Isn’t it Hunt’s turn to wallow in how much he sucks? I know that happy characters are boring and Meredith is the protagonist of the show, but come on, Shonda — can we pass the buck and give Mer like, half a season of smiles?

Thorpe Fulfills The Missing McDreamy

First there was McDreamy, and then there was McSteamy — it was a smorgasbord of hot men on Grey’s Anatomy in the early days. And they were objectified as such! And then they both died. Today, the hot young thing is Deluca, and there are no McDoctors to speak of. Thorpe is certainly hot enough to fill that quota. McArmy? McMarine? I don’t know what part of the military he was in, but I’m willing to work on a name if he sticks around.

You guys, I just want Meredith to be happy. Can’t we make this happen for her?

Images: Ron Batzdorff/ABC; Giphy (4)