Nick Jonas’ "Close" Could Be About Kate Hudson If He's Singing To A Special Person

Just when you thought romance was dead, Nick Jonas released a new song on Friday, and it’s all about trying to woo a woman who is maybe a little hesitant to fall head over heels in love. But, of course, I couldn’t get five seconds into the new song without wondering: Is “Close” really about Kate Hudson? I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself. I know that not all things are about love, but I’m a sucker for romance, and I want to believe that when Nick Jonas sings passionately about this mysterious “you,” that he’s singing to a real person. And if that person just happens to be Kate Hudson, the woman he’s been rumored to be dating since last fall, then so be it.

Because there are plenty of hints in Nick Jonas’ new song to suggest that it really is about Kate Hudson. After all, the rumors that these two are dating have been circulating since September, when they were spotted at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. Fans snapped pictures and took videos of the two on rides and walking around the park. But the two have never confirmed their relationship. Even after being seen together at Pace in Los Angeles on February 10, Hudson appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and stayed mum on her relationship status. “I’m dating,” she told Ellen, but when asked if she were in a relationship she said, “Ummmm,” and dodged the question.

TheEllenShow on YouTube

But it would make sense that Kate Hudson would be reluctant to open up about her relationship status. After two very public relationships with rockers Chris Robinson and Matt Bellamy, and two very public breakups, it’s no wonder that Hudson would want to keep personal information like who she is dating to herself. But Nick Jonas’ new song has me wondering if the singer is feeling that reluctance as well.

I mean, just listen to the lyrics. In the song, Jonas sings to “you,” a person who, according to him is, “is scared” to get too involved at this time. But “space,” Jonas sings, “is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get too close.” The video, too, captures the push and pull of this relationship the singer sings about. We see the pop star sitting in a chair that is being pushed and pulled across the room rather unexpectedly. Being in a relationship without someone who isn’t entirely sure of whether they want to be in that relationship can definitely have that kind of effect on a person.

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But that doesn’t mean that the song is necessarily about Kate Hudson. After all, Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson could just be friends. It’s totally possible. And with nothing being officially confirmed as of yet, it’s what we unfortunately have to assume until the alleged couple decides to go public.

Image: NickJonasVEVO/YouTube