Here's What 'Phil Of The Future' Looks Like Now

by Mary Grace Garis

There are a few classic Disney Channel shows I've always kept tabs on. I knew about Hannah Montana's pop star double life, I never stopped partaking in the sibling antics of Even Stevens, I understood your basic Disney 101... and, of course, I always paid attention to Phil of the Future. Sure, Phil of the Future, the show, was but a brief moment in the Disney Channel past — it only ran for two seasons, after all. But it was also charming, it starred Aly Michalka... and the titular Phil? Not bad looking. So, with '90s nostalgia being all the rage these days, it makes you wonder — what does the Phil of the Future kid look like today?

Raviv Ullman — who went by the stage name Ricky Ullman until 2006 — played Phil Diffy, the time-traveling teen from 2121. Since Phil of the Future ended in 2006, and his acting credits since have been here and there. He's rounded up guest spots on Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, Broad City and House, but now, one can mainly find him on a stage. He did a few off-Broadway projects and he's been featured in several other playhouses and theater groups. In fact, as of October, he had a role as Hunter in Choice at The Huntington theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. On the side, he's also trying to make it work as a musician, and served as the drummer in Reputante.

His claim to fame, though, still seems to be his role as Phil, so he's probably disappeared with your radar. Well, luckily dear old Phil is now in tune with all of our modern wares... i.e., Ullman has an Instagram account and a Twitter account. The first interesting thing to note is that he allegedly living it up in Brooklyn. The second interesting thing to note is that he really looks like he lives in Brooklyn.

Maybe he hasn't gotten used to the bold concept of party hats yet, do they not have that in the next century?

Not everything is so avant-garde, though. Sometimes he chooses to just chill with dogs in front of graffiti, like one does.

And then other times he's out getting political, supporting fellow Brooklynite and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at local rallies.

But seriously, guys, Ullman hasn't forgotten his roots. Among affectionate #throwbackthursday posts it would appear that Ullman has kept in touch with his co-star Michalka, who played his best friend turned girlfriend Keely (and also was one-half of Aly & AJ during her Disney days). How sweet!

At the end of the day, Phil of the Future won't go down in history as the Disney Channel's biggest show, but it was definitely one of the most memorable. And I'm glad to see Ullman is still doing well, and clearly happy in Brooklyn.

Images: Disney Channel (1); RavivUllman/Instagram (2)