What You Should Know About Shaving & Exfoliating

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When it comes to getting silky, smooth skin, you should always exfoliate before you shave. While this may seem excessive to some, it will completely change the way that your skin looks and feels post-shave. If you didn't know, exfoliating is the simple process of removing dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. This is usually done using some sort of scrub or cloth against the skin to remove any built-up debris. By sloughing away dead skin cells prior to shaving, your allowing your razor to do its best work yet. Essentially, removing this top layer allows your razor can get as close to the root of your hair as possible as there is slightly less skin on the surface. Think of it as a small step to getting an even closer shave.

Not only does exfoliating give you a smoother shave, but it also helps to prevent the formation of ingrown hairs. According to WebMD, these pesky bumps are the result of shaved hair growing back into the skin instead of growing outwards. This can happen when dead skin cells clog the hair follicles, and block new hair from growing outwards. So exfoliating before shaving helps to lessen the chance of ingrown hairs as it removes the buildup of dead cells. How awesome is that? Look out world — sexy, smooth legs are coming your way. Here are three easy steps to achieve your smoothest skin yet.

1. Exfoliate

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After soaking in the shower for a bit, begin your hair removal process by exfoliating your skin. Simply reach for a body scrub, hand towel, or even brown sugar to slough away dead skin cells.

2. Shave

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After exfoliating, start shaving away any unwanted hair. Be sure to do this towards the end of your shower as your hair has had time to soften in the steam. The Huffington Post also recommends lathering up before you shave in order to prevent irritation.

3. Moisturize

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After you step out of the shower, it's important to moisturize your freshly-shaven skin. Not only will this help soothe any possible irritation, but it will also leave your skin looking gleaming and healthy.

Keep your skin looking and feeling fresh this spring by exfoliating before you shave. It's an easy step to getting your sexiest legs, yet.

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