Should You Exfoliate Before Or After Shaving?

by Lindsey Rose Black

Is there anything in the world that beats that silky smooth #JustShavedMyLegs feeling? If you're wanting to get the closest, longest lasting shave possible, it turns out exfoliating before shaving is better than doing so after. And trust me, once you get in the habit of exfoliating beforehand, you won't even think twice about it.

As for why it's better to hit up that loofah before instead of after, eHow has the details. They explained how, since exfoliating removes the top layer of dead skin cells and additional toxins away, it gives your razor and shaving cream the cleanest slate possible to remove hair from. To exfoliate like a pro, start at your ankles and scrub in small circles up until you hit the top of your thighs.

Exfoliating after shaving isn't the best idea, as your freshly shaved skin will be sensitive and, quite possibly, cut in certain places. Beyond just making everything burn, exfoliating right after shaving could irritate your skin and cause redness. Drying your legs gently with a towel is all the post-shave exfoliation you need to remove any lingering un-rinsed hair or dead skin cells.

If you're in a DIY mood (and want to save the planet by not using microbead exfoliators), whipping up a homemade scrub couldn't be easier. Mixing together a 1/2 cup of organic unrefined sugar and extra virgin olive oil makes a perfect, natural scrub to get your legs ready for a gloriously clove shave.

Add a few drops of essential oil for an even fancier version! My personal favorites include lemon verbena and lavender.

Image Credit: GreyerBaby/Pixabay; IndianMamman/Instagram