There's Still Hope For 'Supergirl' Season 2

ICYMI, on Friday, CBS renewed 11 of its shows, including 2 Broke Girls, Elementary, and Madam Secretary. One of the shows that was notably absent from the list of renewals, though? CBS' superhero series Supergirl, which just aired its first season this year. The series was originally heralded by outlets like Vulture for being one of the first to break the male-dominated realm of superheroes. Additionally, as the series as continued to air, critics have praised the show for its blend of humor and action — but CBS' lack of renewal announcement has led some fans to believe that the show's future might be in danger.

However, fans of the Melissa Benoist-starring series should not lose faith that the show will continue, at least at this point. While the fact that it wasn't renewed is definitely cause for some nail-biting, CBS still has plenty of time to renew the series. The season finale, which is scheduled to air in April, will reportedly include a twist that will set the stage for future seasons. Additionally, Benoist, who plays the title character also known as Kara Zor-El, has expressed her own excitement for the development of her character. "I want to see her become even stronger and even more invincible, not just through her powers," she said at PaleyFest. Executive producer Greg Berlanti has also he has plans for future guest stars in upcoming seasons, including Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

There's another major reason why this renewal news does not spell death for Supergirl. As EW reports, CBS is going to decide whether it's going to renew its new shows at a later time. Missing from that list of 11 shows are a lot of the shows that debuted this past year, including Limitless and Code Black. It seems very unlikely that CBS wouldn't renew any of its new shows, especially since CBS CEO Leslie Moonves revealed in March 2016 that he plans on renewing five new shows this year. From the list of new shows CBS has premiered, Supergirl has performed among the best, ratings-wise and critically. It thus seems very likely that it at least will be renewed out of all of CBS' freshmen shows.

No need to panic, Kara Zor-El fans. There's hope for Supergirl yet.

Images: CBS; Giphy