NBC Cuts Out IOC Anti-Discrimination Remarks From Sochi Opening Ceremony

Some strange things have already happened in this year's Olympic ceremony. Double-toilets? Odd. An American bobsledder breaking his way out of his hotel bathroom? Definitely weird. But NBC editing out the anti-discrimination section of International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach's speech? Downright bizarre.

NBC has definitely made some questionable calls in the past, and it's made them again this year. In fact, its editing choices have become so obviously disconnected from its viewers that #NBCFail is now trending on Twitter — the first thing to be cut from the network's broadcast of the Olympics opening ceremony was the performance by t.A.T.u. (important because, lest you forget, one of the group's most popular songs “All The Things She Said,” was about a lesbian relationship — and, well, you know how Russia feels about its gays). But then the network also chose to cut out a whole part of Bach's speech, and not just any part: they cut out the bit where he condemned "any form of discrimination" and promoted tolerance. Kind of pertinent, considering the types of arrests being made in the area.

Of course, according to NBC, the edit was simply a time issue. "IOC’s President was edited for time, as were other speeches, but his message got across very clearly,” the network said, according to NPR.

Here's a full transcript of the speech; the italicized section was what NBC decided to cut:

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Image: Getty Images