U.S. Bobsledder Broke His Way Out of Locked Sochi Bathroom, and Tweeted the Whole Thing

There have been a lot of things to grin about since the world descended upon Sochi: the first U.S. athlete to win an Olympic medal in Russia, the fact that t.A.T.u played at the opening ceremony, the, er, "cultural difference" tweets to come from the journalists, the subtle (and not-so-subtle) gay pride paraphernalia — still, one of the more satisfying things to come from this year's games in Russia is the unbelievable amount of toilet humor. And it won't be stopping any time soon: on Saturday, an Olympic athlete used his skills to break out of a Sochi bathroom, and tweet about it.

Toilets that refuse to flush, cloudy yellow water and the now-legendary double-toilet have forever cemented the Sochi Olympics as the Sochifail Olympics, but maybe there's a reason that Russia implements a buddy system and has (/had/may have) surveillance cameras in Sochi's showers: U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn got trapped in his Sochi hotel bathroom on Saturday, without a cell phone or a way out. But, thanks to his impressive body-strength and his bobsled training, the athlete was able to break through the bathroom door, and then tweet the picture.

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And the tweets of #Sochifails just keep on coming: