The New 'GoT' Season 6 Trailer Is Intense

Like winter, the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere is coming — and the latest trailer will have you begging for April 24 to get here already. Brace yourselves, Jon Snow fans, because the latest Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer has finally hit the web after premiering quietly for March Madness, and it appears to tease The Battle of The Bastards. This is, if you're not familiar, a battle that needs an alive Jon Snow to happen.

In other words, it's huge. (Spoilers ahead, obviously.) The Battle of the Bastards has not even happened in the book yet, but it was strongly hinted at in the final pages of A Dance With Dragons. After receiving a letter from Ramsay, who Jon believes is holding his sister Arya captive, Jon was preparing to saddle up and lay siege to Ramsay's troops before his Night's Watch brothers stuck him with the pointy end of their swords. It has been strongly hinted that the battle will take place in episode nine of Season 6 — so far, each penultimate episode has focused on a huge, climatic battle — and the new trailer appears to show footage of the battle taking place.

This being Game of Thrones , the footage is shown quickly and at an angle that is not conducive to picking Jon out of a crowd, but the battle is definitely taking place in the North with Ramsay and his men opposing someone. The rapid fire shots reveal two sides clashing as horses skid in the snow. That can only mean one thing: The North is tired of Ramsay's reign of terror. Is the other side led by Jon, as fans expect?

If this is The Battle of the Bastards then it could definitely be Jon leading the charge for the North. One major hint comes in the form of the trailer's editing. Notice how fire gives way to the ice of the North and Ramsay? If Jon is going to be resurrected, Melisandre and her god of light are sure to be responsible. A newly resurrected Jon would be free of his duty to The Night's Watch (it's only a lifetime oath, after all) and free to take back his family home of Winterfell in the name of his sister, Sansa.

Are you psyched yet? Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself whether HBO just gave the world a preview of Jon and Ramsay's long-awaited clash.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO; YouTube/HBO (2)