9 Times Milk Makeup Repped The Uncoventional

by Sebastian Zulch

When I first came across Milk Makeup, courtesy of model Hari Nef's Instagram posts, I fell in love with the brand's interesting aesthetic. If its Face Gloss was any indication, its skincare was going to be pretty rad, too. After further investigation, I quickly discovered the unconventional beauty mavens this brand was truly made up of (aka my people). With its cutting-edge products and the unique looks created on its models — all of which seemed ready to set some major spring beauty trends (I'm looking at you, paint-splatter lids and striped brows) — I knew that Milk Makeup was a brand to watch.

Personally, I love breaking beauty rules and trying new things. I also adore looking like an alien, and using makeup to its full and varied potential. Since Milk regularly uses eyeshadow to make statement cheeks or lip color to make statement lids, I was excited to see a brand reflect the same unlimited and carefree energy that I have regarding beauty, and showing me accessible ways in which I can act on those tastes.

Recently, Milk has been posting a ton of snaps on its Instagram page, featuring multiple beauty looks for folks to try at home with a myriad of the brand's products. Honestly, it's great inspiration for helping you realize all the possibilities of your already-existing makeup collection. Here are some of Milk's best moments of repping unconventional beauty and showing the gorgeousness of peculiarity.

1. Rosy Cheeks

I never considered using non-blush colors to adorn my cheeks. But I must say, I really dig this look.

2. Head In the Clouds

It's perfectly legit to experiment with facial designs, such as this cute cloud-like doodle on the model's face. This is just the right amount of cuteness and whimsy, delivered by your favorite liquid liner.

3. Dot Your Eyes & Cross Your T's

Make a dot by the corners of your eyes with anything you have on hand (in this case, Milk used its Lip Marker). It'll help you exude all those precious alien vibes.

4. Double Winged Liner

I often end up with a double wing thanks to the many mistakes I make when trying to apply liquid liner. But hey, it looks super cute as a look in and of itself.

5. Tiger Stripes

Try dashing through your brows with stripe-like swipes of color. Set the trend in your neighborhood and look fierce as heck while doing it. Use your own eyebrow products, or try Milk's Eye Vinyl, and earn your stripes.

6. Dress Up Your Undereyes

I haven't lined my lower lids in pigment since I rocked an absurd amount of black eyeliner in high school, but this model makes it look so cool. Need inspiration beyond old photos of yourself? Try dabbing Milk's eye pigment under your eyes for a super rad and high impact look.

7. Kissable Lids

Have a favorite lipstick shade that you wish had an eyeshadow counterpart? Look no further than your own collection, and spread some lip color onto your lids for a change.

8. Take Bold Brows Up A Notch

I'm loving that Milk is keeping my beloved wild-colored brow trend alive, as well as glorifying my habit of filling in my eyebrows with rainbow-esque eyeliner. If you're a fan of bold brows, take things to the next level with some brightly-colored pigment.

9. Paint-Splatter Eyes

Eyeshadow doesn't have to be a uniformly-applied entity covering the entirety of your lid with one continuous hue. Use Milk's Shadow Liner Stick (a hybridized pigmented stick for shadow and eyeliner) to create a kaleidoscope of splattered color around your peepers.

Ultimately, I think that's what's so rad about Milk's commitment to all things unconventional: Your inner unicorn will be able to revel in all this weird kaleidoscopic brilliance.

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Images: milkmakeup/Instagram