Hear Lamar Odom Speak At A Kardashian Easter Party

Last October, basketball player Lamar Odom gave the world a scare when he was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel under the influence of drugs. Since then, his once-separated wife Khloe Kardashian has been at his side, helping him recover. Fast-forward to Easter Sunday, when Odom celebrated Easter with the Kardashian family and as the family's photos, videos, and Snapchats showed, looked wonderfully healthy.

Kardashian's sister Kylie Jenner spent the holiday posting away about the family celebration on her Snapchat, which including videos of Easter baskets, cute lil' bunnies, adorable cousins North, Penelope and Mason, Kanye West and Tyga dressed as Easter Bunnies (seriously!), and Odom looking like his old self again — he's even seen talking and dancing! Jenner wasn't the only one posting pics from the event, though. Like most Kardashian celebrations, this Easter bash was recorded on the various social media accounts of the social media-savvy family.

But it's Jenner's posts that command the most attention, due to Odom's presence. In one of the teen's snaps, she poses with Khloe and says she's so cute, before Khloe moves the phone camera to someone else she thinks looks cute in his bunny ears: Odom. Kylie then coos at "Lamicle" (her nickname for him?) and poses with him and his bunny ears. He smiles, and it's guaranteed to make you smile, too.

In others, Kendall, Lamar, and Khloe use the Easter filter (bunny ears and all), and in one of them, Khloe tells her ex, "Do something, Lam," which he repeats out loud. In a silent snap, Kylie and Lamar appear to be dancing it out, showing that he's still got rhythm. Check out the snaps below to see it for yourself and rejoice that Odom is doing so well.

This is cause for celebration for more than just the Easter holiday, because all wasn't so well with Odom a few months ago. According to an interview with Khloe on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show last year, Odom had to re-learn how to walk, "feed himself, and put sentences together." But since then, it seems like Odom has made considerable progress, and it's so great to see this former NBA basketball player seemingly healthy again, recovering slowly but surely. And perhaps it's a sign that he and Khloe are getting back together, considering the Friday night date they went on just this week.

Odom's triumph is just one of many awesome things about the Kardashian Easter party. Check out more snaps and photos below to see more of the action.

Kanye & Tyga Are Dressed As Easter Bunnies

Too cute! So fun to see the softer side of the rappers.

Tyga & Kylie's Easter Kiss

How sweet!

Kourtney & Kylie Dance To "My Heart Will Go On"

Look at that sisterly love.


Yup, there were real, live bunnies available for petting and cuddling at the Kardashian family celebration.

Easter Filter Fun

As you can see, the Kardashian ladies were having a blast with Snapchat's Easter filter.

The Next Generation Being All Cute

Look at North, Penelope, and Mason being all cute in their Easter best. Just wait until cousin Saint joins them next year.

The Kardashians and Jenners always do parties right, and it looks like their Easter celebration was no exception.