Sookie St. James' Most Memorable Outfits On 'Gilmore Girls' Were A Thing Of Beauty — PHOTOS

Unless you lived under a rock, chances are, you've seen an episode of the beloved show, Gilmore Girls, and probably fell in love with one particular character: Sookie. Not only was she super hilarious and sweet, but Sookie St. James' style was equally as memorable. Often, we saw her in her classic chef's uniform, but damn, did she make those look good!

When Gilmore Girls first came out, I remember gathering around the TV in our living room with my two sisters, watching the premiere of this show. Little did I know that it would, in the future, define my early teenage years, and stick with me forever. As any Gilmore Girls fan can tell you, the show taught us a lot of lessons: About growing up, about relationships, about family, and most importantly, about being yourself.

I was immediately jealous of Rory and Lorelai's relationship, which read more like friendship rather than mother-daughter. But of course, Lorelai was there for her daughter to teach her the lessons Rory couldn't yet learn for herself (shout out to when Rory slept with married Dean, and Lorelai broke us with that monologue).

But mostly, I was envious of anyone that got to spend some time with Sookie. Unpredictable, lovable, and always down to earth, Sookie had the greatest one liners (hello, "Off-ui. Hey, I'm cured!") Obsessed. So, in honor of Sookie not being in the new reboot, let's take a walk down memory lane and look at her best outfits, shall we?

1. Her Wedding Dress

Who looks better? Sookie or Jackson? It's hard to say, but she looked stunning in this episode.

2. This Top & Bandana Combo

Who has a chef's coat that's this cute...WHO?

3. Gimme A Drink

In which Sookie teaches us the most important lesson of all: Sometimes, you need a stiff one. Yes to this classic plaid.

4. Her Many, Many Bandages

She wore them so often, they were practically part of her outfit. Sookie, we love you, never change.

5. Casual Wear

It was rare to see her outside of the kitchen and in everyday wear, so this was always a treat.

6. This Crochet Bandana

What's better than a regular old bandana? A crochet one. And she was the queen of them.


One word: YES.

8. Queen Of Layering

Hat, scarf, skirt, leggings, and boots, all in one? Sign us up. Snug as a bunny.

9. ...And Mixing Prints

Who else can make arose print, stripes, and all the colors in the world look so adorable together?

10. Rockin' The Classic Denim

Slay in this jacket and headband combo, Sookie.

11. The Classic Purple

When I think of Sookie, I picture her in this purple chef's coat. Plus, how cute is this photo. Crying.

More than anything, Sookie taught me that bandanas are still effing cool, no matter year. Little did she know that in 2016, they'd come back in full force! Cheers to you, Sookie, you won my heart with your jokes and super unique outfits.

Images: The CW