11 Things Your Older Siblings Wore In The '90s

If you happen to be a younger sibling, you know the pain of seeing your older brother or sister rock a totally cool look, and knowing you couldn't wear it. I think we can all agree that '90s fashion was the absolute dopest, and the pang of jealousy you got when seeing your older sister wear a crop top was unparalleled. Still to this day.

As the youngest of four siblings, this was a huge thing for me. Not just with clothes — But for experiences as a whole. With 13 years apart between my oldest sibling (my brother) and I, I was pretty much always left out of things. Because who wants to go to the amusement park with a toddler? Certainly not my siblings. And who wants to play around in the neighborhood, but have to constantly look out for your baby sister? Again, no one.

My sister (who is three years older than me) and I practically banded together out of pure necessity. We were always jealous of my three older siblings, who got to go out camping, have sleepovers, go shopping, and explore our neighborhood. And as time went on, this only became worse: My sister, who is ten years above me, had the coolest clothes in high school, and I was eternally jealous. Spaghetti straps, platform sandals, glitter, and tube tops were all the rage, and that certainly wasn't appropriate for a six or seven year old.

Younger siblings, you feel me on this one? Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

1. Spaghetti Straps

Joey Potter was the original bae. And, basically my older sister's style muse. Relaxed fits and tank tops filled her closet up, and I was beyond jealous.

2. Platform Shoes

Another one of our idols? The Spice Girls. Platform shoes were everything.

3. Tube Tops

Taylor Vaughn was the ultimate queen bee, and I'll always remember this pink tube top that my sister had an identical one of. I used to try it on when she wasn't home, and inevitably, it would always slip off.

4. Crop Tops

But what was cooler than showing off a little midriff? Literally nothing.

5. Lingerie-Inspired Tops

But when would I get boobs and be able to wear these?!

6. Low Rise Jeans

Although high waisted jeans are all the rage right now, there was a time when low rise was the coolest.

7. Mini Dresses

Monica, Rachel, and my sisters were the queens of these.

8. Push Up Tops

Ok, so I needed boobs for these type of tops, but I was still, still so jealous of my sister for being able to wear these.

9. Little Black Dresses

So simple, yet so sexy!

10. Slip Dresses

Spaghetti strap and tiny? I was so jealous.

11. Off The Shoulder Tops

Seriously, these screamed cool girl status.

While I did live through years of seething jealousy of my older sister, now that we're older, she's jealous of my clothes. The plus? My three sisters and I are all the same size, meaning we have triple the clothes at our disposal. So, while I lived those years of unwavering jealousy, they were all completely worth it.

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