Kandi Defends Kenya Over 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Miami Confrontation

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion may have just hinted at the next major friendship between cast members, when Kandi defended Kenya about the time that she asked Tammy's nephew Glen to leave a party while the ladies were on a trip to Miami. At the time, some of the 'wives claimed that Kenya was overreacting, but Kandi gave a passionate defense of her actions that was pretty persuasive — no matter how much Kenya may have handled the situation, Glen should not have gotten so aggressive with any of the ladies.

It actually wasn't one of Kenya's "BFFs" like Cynthia who stepped in to defend her decision. It was Kandi, who passionately argued that all of the women had claimed to feel uncomfortable with Tammy's nephew in their house and that he should not have behaved the way he did even after he was asked to leave. And while I can only judge based on what was shown in the episode, Tammy's nephew certainly seemed like he was acting inappropriately, and Kenya was well within her rights to ask him to leave after he called her a "b*tch" and pushed his aunt to the ground.

According to Kenya, she even took the time to ask Tammy to approach Glen just to be as respectful as possible. Kenya and Kandi made a passionate team.

But if Kandi was the Kenya's biggest defender, Porsha spent a lot of time trying to knock her down. She even brought up an old, unsubstantiated rumor about Kenya allegedly dating a "one-eyed African" man.

Kandi had a lot of sympathy for Kenya this episode, also expressing how she couldn't comprehend why Kenya's extended family was so hostile when she tried to invite her mother to the family reunion she planned. Since Kandi has always been so close to Mama Joyce and watched Todd grieve over the loss of his mother last year, it made sense that she would be sensitive to potentially not having that close connection. So for RHOA Season 9, could Kenya & Kandi be the start of the next powerful Atlanta clique? I suppose fans will have to wait for Part Three of the reunion to find out if these two have any other similarities.

Image: Mark Hill/Bravo