Is Daryl Dead On 'The Walking Dead'? “East” Ended With A Bang

Well I'm not alright. Did Daryl die on The Walking Dead ? He definitely got shot by his own personal nemesis Dwight the Savior, and the blood splatter on the camera did not look good. There's no way Daryl died, right? I'm not calling it yet.

The episode was about everyone going on their separate paths and missions. Daryl's was about revenge. He went off in search of Dwight, the traveler he met in an earlier episode who jacked his bike and crossbow, to avenge Denise's death — by the very same crossbow, no less. Rosita ultimately joined him, and together they tracked Dwight's group to where they were holding Glenn and Michonne. That's good. This group is always at their best when they aren't split up. Why do I feel like they're going to bump into Morgan and Carol in the finale?

He assured Daryl that he'd be OK, but Dwight's not exactly a trustworthy person. Did he shoot him in the shoulder? No offense, but what does that accomplish? We are kind of past the point of disarming in this universe.

Yvette Nicole Brown pointed out on The Talking Dead that major character deaths usually have witnesses and are usually performed by Big Bads, which Dwight is not. By her logic, he's not worthy to take down a character as big as Daryl, and I agree. Still, I don't like it. Daryl is probably not dead, but I don't like that The Walking Dead is teasing us with the potential for his death. It's almost like they're saying that anyone can die on The Walking Dead. That's rude.

Image: Gene Page/AMC