See Ashley Tisdale's Entire Illuminate Makeup Line With BH Cosmetics, Which Is Coming Soon — PHOTO

It'll be May before we know it and that means we'll be able to shop this much-teased, gorgeous makeup range at that time. But for now, we'll have to settle for gawking at another awesome photo. We can see Ashley Tisdale's entire Illuminate makeup collection for BH Cosmetics, as the actor, singer, and lifestyle blogger shared a compact photo of her range. The collection, which is due out in the spring, is Tisdale's first foray into makeup and it was inspired by her adopted home state of California. That's evident in the shimmery neutrals of the day and night palettes. The bright blushes and glosses burst with juiciness. But judging from this look at the products in one Insta pic, you can see the color cohesiveness. The products look like they are meant to be used in tandem and will eliminate any guesswork when it comes to pairing shades.

Everything just looks... so expertly coordinated. Even the most veteran makeup artist with mad skills can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of product or by an expansive range of shades at makeup counters or when perusing online. Tisdale's Illuminate makeup appears to be perfectly edited for ease of use.

Let's have a look at the Illuminate products in this amazing Insta shot.

Don't fear the bright colors of the glosses or the tints for lips and cheeks. They are concentrated in the packaging but look like they will blend just beautifully, adding that much-coveted summer glow. Plus, you can easily pack a minimum of products without sacrificing aesthetic options for those super fun weekend getaways.

News of Tisdale's makeup aspirations broke back in November of last year and she's been steadily feeding her fans bits and pieces of information. I'm hooked, as are many of her supporters, followers, and readers.

Here's another sneak peek of the so-pretty-it's-unfair collection. It's decidedly feminine, but the shades look as though they will flatter all skin tones. Clearly, Tisdale put a lot of time, thought, effort, and care into creating her first makeup collection.

Once again, another brand is making me think lip gloss will be making a comeback and rivaling the matte texture that has been the dominant lip trend for the past year and change.

That said, we've got about another month of waiting and "COMING SOON" teases before we can play with Illuminate and, well, illuminate all of our best features.

Images: Ashley Tisdale/Instagram (2)