11 Ways The 'Gilmore Girls' Are You On A Perfectly Lazy Staycation

Never have I ever, as a student, been able to afford to go away on a vacation during spring break (or winter break, for that matter). So I know how it feels to waste your days away on your couch in your still-cold hometown, watching TV, and eating enough carbs to energize three grown adults to run the New York City Marathon. But, perhaps no one, not even me, knows your plight better than everyone’s favorite self-deprecating and impressively quippy mother and daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Basically, without us knowing it, the Gilmore Girls are all of us on a staycation.

I mean, for someone as sarcastic as I am, it’s hard to not identify with the snarky pair, but they are especially relatable for all of us, even those more pure of heart than I, in this instance. But, you know, staycations really are not the worst thing. Yeah, you don’t get much of a tan and you have to run into people that you’re trying to avoid instead of finding any new, exciting vacation flings and friends, but downtime is still sweet, sweet downtime.

And here are 13 ways the Gilmore Girls totally described your life during your frugal vacation option: the staycation.

1. When You First Get Home And Make A Vacation To-Do List

You're going to go hiking. You're going to do yoga. You're going to finish that scrapbook you started junior year of high school. You're going to do so many great things!

You end up doing none of these things.

2. When You Catch Up With An Overachieving Friend From High School Over Coffee

No, Jessica. I haven't figured out what 401K plan I want. I can barely pay off my Express credit card this month.

3. When You're Marathoning & Want To Tell Netflix You're Still Watching, But Your Apple TV Remote Is Too Far Away

You're hard-working. You're a boss, always getting work done 24/7 and you've earned this laziness. You are tired and that Apple remote should know better than to be on the other side of the room.

4. When Your Friend Suggests That You Both Should Go To The Gym

Sure, it's been three days of the both of you eating pizza and watching the entirety of Parks and Rec in your bed. But you have gotten up to go to the bathroom, so you haven't been completely stationary.

5. When You're Forced To Leave The House And Be A Human

Friends don't let friends become staycation recluses.

6. When You Get Asked On An Impromptu Date But You Haven't Washed Your Hair In Four Days

Of course, the one time you leave your house (to get a box of brownies and a bottle of wine), you run into that sweet, unassuming guy from high school who has now gained a whole lotta muscle and an award-worthy jawline.

7. When You Wake Up At 4 p.m. And Realize You Missed Your Nail Appointment

Eh, whatever.

8. When You've Scrolled Instagram For The Better Part Of An Hour


9. When You're Re-watching Orange Is The New Black For The Third Time With Someone Who Has Never Seen It

Let me tell you a story about a little place called Litchfield...

10. When You See Pictures Of Your Friends On Tropical Vacations But You're On Your Couch

Sure, Mexico is beautiful. But so is the inside of your bedroom (not really, though).

11. When You're Have To Go Back To Real Life After Lazing About All Week

You need it for the walking and the talking, after all.

On the bright side, this staycation enabled you to finally find that dress you've been looking for in the deep, dark depths of your closet. Count this one as a win.

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